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What sailsize to what wind conditions

Posted by Ernest 
What sailsize to what wind conditions
23 August '11 | 10:57pm

As I am new to windsurfing it is pretty hard to rig the right sail to the appropriate wind.
So far I do have four sails 5.9, 5.4, 4.7 and 4.2. In what wind conditions (bft?) should I rig each of them?

Thanks you

Re: What sailsize to what wind conditions
24 August '11 | 7:18pm
Totally depends on your weight and the board you are using but as a guide i am 62 kilos and would use a 5.9 in about 12-14 knots mid force four on a large earlier planning board (130 litres) but 14-16 knots on a high wind board top end of a four. i would use a 5.4 in 14-17 knots on a large early planning board (top end of Four foing into force 5) but 16-21 knots on ahigh wind board (right the way through force 5) . I would use a 4.7 only on a high wind board from about 22 knots to about 27 knots ( right the way through force 6) above this and i would use a 4.2 (force 7) on a high wind board until i was totally overpowered. (never been out in more than 30 knots so ... dunno when i would change down from a 4.2. have a look at some sail size calculators they should give you a guide.
Re: What sailsize to what wind conditions
25 August '11 | 2:21pm
Thanks for the reply, I weigh ~80kg. What could you recomend me?
Re: What sailsize to what wind conditions
25 August '11 | 4:07pm
this is roughly what I'd use these sizes for and would expect to be fully powerd up! I'm about 78kgs,

5.9 20 knots
5.4 20-25 knots
4.7 25-30 knots
4.2 30 knots up

this is only a guide, if you have a weather station near where you sail check how windy it was when you were out so you know for next time to rig bigger or smaller

hope this helps.... enjoy
Re: What sailsize to what wind conditions
25 August '11 | 4:40pm
Get to know your own kit and what you are happiest with for a given wind strength. A lot depends on your board (volume, width, discipline), water state (flat,wavey), sail type (full and powerful or flat and flicky) and a great deal depends on how you like to sail - some are better at being light footed, others prefer to have loads of power and grunt. There is also the danger of worrying about the wind reading - so often you see people messing about with wind readers on the beach when they should rig and go without wasting time! I'm not the best advocate of changing sails if the wind changes as I tend to hang on if it picks up or will try to ride out the lulls. Stick with a sail, find out the useable wind range, learn about your local spot and what it looks like for a given sail size (white caps, flags, trees etc). Probably the best guide is to speak to other sailors about what size they're on and use that as a guide to making a decision on what you can see in front of you rather than a specific wind reading - though a rough idea from a web based wind meter at your local beach can give you a rough guide as to whether to make the trip or not!
Re: What sailsize to what wind conditions
25 August '11 | 5:31pm
Thank you all for your inputs, as you said asking locals and understand your gear according to the wind conditions is the way I will follow!
Re: What sailsize to what wind conditions
3 September '11 | 11:48am
Hi, back again!

As I'm looking for a new mast I still have worries about the right selection.

I have 2 North ICE sails (4.7 + 4.2) and a DUKE as well (5.4 and 5.9).

Luff of the sails:

5.9 = 456
5.4 = 440
4.7 = 411
4.2 = 397

What should I buy:

1.) buy a 370 rdm gold from + Platinum rdm Extender 40cm addtitional (both from North) + Mast Extension 45cm = 455

2.) buy a 400 and 430 rdm gold + Mast Extension 45cm

If the luff is 397 and you buy a 400 mast, is that an issue? What do you think about the Platinum Extender (http://www.surfladle.co.uk/products/product-detail.php?PID=1100)

Hope you could help me out!

See you,



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