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How to choose a sail

Posted by damird 
How to choose a sail
27 August '11 | 6:47am

I’m windsurfing for fun for half a year now. Currently I have a 7.4 entry / learning sail that was good for my first steps after I attended a windsurfing camp in Sardinia. Now I’m looking for a new sail to start building up my sails collection.

As a newbie I faced a problem deciding for a sail manufacturer and sail type. Let me first explain what my ambitions are for next few months:
I’m 180 cm / 80 kg. Currently I’m riding a 150 l Exocet board. I’m up to improve my planing, jibes, some heli tacks and similar. I’ll sail on flat water or small waves (max up to 0.5m) on Slovenia seaside and spots here around (Preluka, Zusterna, Izola, Piran, Krk ...).

And now to the dilemmas / questions I have:
- What type of sail is good for me? I’m just confused by all terms like freestyle, freeride, wave, slalom, etc. I’m about to buy a sail between 6 and 6.5 m^2, so no cams, etc.

- Does a purchase of the original mast produced by the sail manufacturer pay out? Well, I’m asking if it makes sense to get the mast from the same manufacturer making the sails as I could get an alternative one of same carbon type, etc. for half the price.

- I know every windsurfer chose a preferred sails (equipment) maker. So this is a hardest one - any suggestion which manufacturer should I chose or at least a list of ‘suggested ones’? I’m currently considering Ezzy, Excoset and some others.

Thanks for any hint you can give me.


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