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freestyle wave board help

Posted by WINDSURFING!!!!! 
freestyle wave board help
27 August '11 | 9:07pm
went out with an 80 litre freestyle wave board in about 12-15 knots with a 5.4 wave sail couldn't plane unless pumped on the gusts and still a massive struggle mostly slogging. One thing i found very difficult was tacking usually in strong winds i find tacking okay, is this a common problem that tacking a board like this in light winds is difficult any tips? by the way i way 65 kg's so quite light.
Re: freestyle wave board help
29 August '11 | 9:25pm
Re: freestyle wave board help
31 August '11 | 8:32pm
What are you compareing it to? Everything is relative. FSW's plane earlier than wave boards but 12 -15 kts is not a lot of wind. Same for tacking. I would have thought that the faster FSWs would with good technique get you plaining at about 15 kts with your weight and sail.

Re: freestyle wave board help
4 September '11 | 7:34pm
Thanks for the response. I was basically trying to say that when i was not planning and entered a tack due to the lack of momentum i found it very hard to tack. I was wondering if there are any tips on tacking a small board (80l) in light winds when you are not planning.


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