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freestyle fin

freestyle fin
2 October '11 | 6:07pm
Hi could anyone give me any advice on a freestyle fin for an 85 litre quatro 2008 fw. at the moment the fin is 28cm and in a freewave design i guess this makes freestyle moves a fair bit harder than the smaller fins what sort of fin size should i be using on this board for spocks e.t.c? considering it may need a bit more fin to get going than full on freestyle boards?
Any thoughts Appreciated.
Re: freestyle fin
3 October '11 | 2:03am
18cm should be fine, maybe start with 19cm then you can always cut it down. I would buy as small as possible second hand wave fin then cut it down.
Re: freestyle fin
4 October '11 | 9:24am
Thanks for the advice, Will the board still plane okay then with a 19cm fin even though it's got quite a wave like rocker??
Re: freestyle fin
5 October '11 | 4:35am
yeah should be fine as most likely you will cut off most of the rockered part if you start with say a 22 cm one

If you are confident with sailing freestyle boards maybe just go straight to 18cm?

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