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Boardseeker/Boards changes

Posted by Kenny-boy 
Boardseeker/Boards changes
24 November '11 | 2:49pm
Having seen the ridiculous machinations on the Boards forum about the inevitable change from paper to electronic formats, I wondered how everyone felt about Boardseeker being lumped in with Boards on a more 'obvious/regular' basis. I remember wondering if B/Seeker would disappear when sold to Factory but it looks like it's going to continue under its own banner. I also worry that there would be some sort of merger of the websites but again this has been poo-poo'd

I guess Boardseeker readers are more inclined to be open to the digital-only format because that's what we've read all this time and I'd include myself in this. I don't own an ipad but if I did I see the future as having an e-magazine to read and instead (or as well as) of still photos, then the writtern article is enhanced by an embedded video to illustrate the subject.

Perhaps even video-tests!?

Look forward to hearing what the future holds...

Re: Boardseeker/Boards changes
24 November '11 | 4:12pm
Where's the daily news and blog round up? pretty much the main reason for coming on here these days..

I take my laptop to the crappa anyway, so can't say I'm too bothered about the printed mag going (tho i'd like to see the keen team behind it kept on). Probably spend 1/2hr on the windsurf websites a day compared to 10 minutes a month reading the mags.

One big site with a monthly online mag and daily updates would be best i reckon, kind of like 'windsurf inter' but with tests and more content.
Re: Boardseeker/Boards changes
24 November '11 | 5:46pm
Hi Guys, I have some good news for you...things are about to change on here.

Boardseeker was set-up nearly 10 years ago (originally as an equipment database) and was one of the first online windsurfing magazines, when we launched Boardseeker Magazine in 2004.

We quickly built a reputation for original content, video and latterly for equipment testing. With relatively limited resources, the magazine got to a stage where we were struggling to take it any further without more backing. Luckily, Factory Media became interested in purchasing the website/magazine and a year and half ago the deal was done.

I continued being involved, but only from a testing and advertising point of view, whilst also producing tests for Boards Magazine.

As you might have heard, there are some big changes happening at Boards Magazine and essentially, I will become a lot more involved again in the overall running of Boardseeker (and Boards Magazine).

With a new team starting over the next few weeks (and some of the old Boardseeker team), our initial focus will be to work on the content of this site. We want to provide more original weekly features - the kind of material you don't find elsewhere on the web, whilst maintaining the established and very successful daily news headlines.

The format and design of the site will remain unchanged for the time being, but will receive a 'refresh' in 2012.

With the backing of Factory Media and 'sister site' Boards.co.uk, we have a very exciting future ahead!

Thank you very much for your continued support of Boardseeker.com and we look forward to inspiring your windsurfing for many years to come!

Re: Boardseeker/Boards changes
25 November '11 | 10:11pm
Shame to see the mag go and see the inevitable loss of jobs. Whitey was really putting in some effort to get about too..


Windsurf is looking good as ever, and to be honest it is probably doing a better job at showing how good our sport can look on the high street shelves thanks to Carter and the editing team. Boardseeker always had the web presence, so now we are in a better position in my eyes..

Best of both worlds..?
Re: Boardseeker/Boards changes
28 November '11 | 3:42pm
shredrightfred Wrote:

> I take my laptop to the crappa anyway...


One way of keeping your laptop secure I suppose.

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