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Which Freestyle Board

Posted by Johnny G 
Johnny G
Which Freestyle Board
24 March '06 | 6:12am
I have two boards available to choose from:

[1] 2006 F2 Chilli (107)
[2] 2005 Mistral Joker (103)

All of my other Boards are JP Freestyle Waves but I want a board purely for Freestylye! I would prefer to stick to JP but the boards mentioned above I can obtain relatively cheaply being 2nd hand. Also, I get the feeling the the JP Freestyle board is for the Freestyle pro and not punters like me.

Any comments or advise will be greatly appreciated.
Re: Which Freestyle Board
24 March '06 | 3:59pm
All of those boatrds are good, however i've got the new RRD twin tip 105 and it's simply awesome! What i really like about it is the ability to do all the carving tricks which means that on light wind days when there waves then it works really well as well. Spocking is pretty easy too as all you need to do is vulcan and then put back foot pressure on and your round before you know it! Admittedly i'm a bit biased but just think that the JP's aren't great.

Re: Which Freestyle Board
24 March '06 | 10:35pm
I have sailed both the F2 and Mistral that you refer to. The F2 is without a doubt the best freestyle board (for non carving tricks).

The Mistral doesnt do sliding tricks as easily BUT I would say is a better carving board.

I also found the Mistral a little sluggish to get going and felt it had a limited top speed.

Conclusion - if its sliding freestyle you are interested in, go for the F2!
Re: Which Freestyle Board
27 March '06 | 3:25pm
I also suggest the Chili. I've had alee F2 freestyle boards since the 1st compstyle and this years chili is undoubtfully the best of them all(with 2004 compstyle in 2nd).Joker is a little bit lazier and doesn't slide so well. Jp's are great ,but they have a little "werid" feeling.
Johnny G
Re: Which Freestyle Board
29 March '06 | 2:17am
Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.
Re: Which Freestyle Board
29 March '06 | 7:45pm
i think the chilli i know its 107.. bit bigger than the 99 (which i have) but... they are a nice looking board... and the joker doesn't have a domed deck that makes it feel weird on your feet

but up 2 u man!
Re: Which Freestyle Board
10 April '06 | 9:06pm
Hi Jonny,

If you like JP then stick with JP is my advice I'm on my 05 FS 100 after having had the 04 & 03 models and they're great all round boards for their size. I am no way a freestyler beyond old school carving m oves and can't fault them. I also have an 06 FSW 85 and the similarity between the two allowing for their differrent roles makes it ideal to switch from one to the other with little adjustment in teqchnique.

Hope this helps.



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