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naish freestyle boards

Posted by Robi 
naish freestyle boards
22 December '11 | 6:01pm
What's the deal with naish freestyle boards?

The naish page has a representation of the board, the basic specs and a single paragraph of marketing blurb. No videos, pics or any sign of trying to give us any information.
They have 2 men in the PWA freestyle and no ladies, so presumably they must have gone to the effort of registering the board (or however it works)
I can't find any information about them online
Re: naish freestyle boards
25 December '11 | 3:50pm
Laure Treboux used to be on them a few years ago, but I think she's on Fanatic now.
Al Bentley
Re: naish freestyle boards
3 January '12 | 2:56pm
my understanding is that the shape has not changed much in the last few years, its meant to be a good board tho fast rocker with pretty sharp rails at the back. It has a very flat deck which some people dislike.

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