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WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 12:42am

I've been slaving hard for the past 9 months to make an awesome Wind Forecast app for Android, let me know what you think!!!


Re: WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 8:20am
Looks good if you are on the move

Can you access high resolution data e.g. 1 hour forecast 9Km model used by windguru pro ( subscription required )
Re: WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 12:42pm
That's actually a model Run by windguru, so understandably they offer it exclusively. However, the model is open source, and I plan to run some very high res (better that 9km) forecasts in WRF for the UK, and hopefully the rest of the world. I'm currently unable to fund this though (Finish Uni == No monies).

I might try to interpolate the GFS data to give 1 hour timesteps.
Re: WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 1:30pm
Looks good, however, I tried to add a widget. On clicking 'Done', it failed to add as there wasn't enough space on the screen. Now it won't let me add a widget, as it only allows one. I can see it listed in homescreen widgets, but I don't actually have one on the homescreen. How do I get rid of it?

Also, how big is the widget (2x2, 3x3, 4x4)?
Re: WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 3:09pm
The widget is 4x1, What device are you using? Are you using android 1.6 or below as the widget may fail on old devices

You could clear the data for the app
Settings>Manage Applications>Windfreak>clear data
That might help. I'm not really sure what your experiencing? Drop me an email with some more details if you want

Re: WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 3:17pm
did it failed simply because you had no space on your screen then, and now says the widget already exists. This would be useful to know, I will work on a fix for it, in the mean time clearing the data from the app should sort it!!


I should have referred to this a little more smiling smiley
Re: WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 4:04pm
It failed because there was no space on the screen. Works now.

Are we limited to just 1 favourite (not widgets) in the free version or am I not seeing the 'Add another' button? I'm on 2.2 and a QVGA screen, and sometimes things are hidden on my low res cheap phone.
Re: WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 4:47pm
it did that for me as well when there wasn't enough room for the widget! I uninstalled and then installed again. I now have 4 widgets with my favourite spots all on one screen! Makes life nice and easy. Could just do with a max/min temp for the day and a logo to show the weather for the day like the ones on the bbc weather maps would be ideal!
Re: WindFreak for Android
24 January '12 | 5:01pm
Great Idea,

I'll put up a design idea on this thread, You can too if you want, just share a forecast to facebook, save it, edit it and upload it to here!!


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