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Can someone point me to the article on the new Fanatic fish boards i read a while back?

Posted by steve 
The subject says it all....can you post the url as i cant find it.
Hi Steve, the story was on the latest news page and has now expired, however here is a copy of it again and attached are 2 photos...........

Next year, Fanatic will have 2 ranges of wave board. The successful NewWave range will continue the traditional wave board theme (and rumoured to be even more dedicated than this years models) whilst a new range of wide style wave boards will be introduced.

We managed to view the pre-production 75 and 85 litre models of the new range (see photos) out in Capetown where they have been tested.

Both the 75 and 85 litre models measure 231cm in length, whilst the smaller board is just under 56cm wide and the bigger one measuring 59.5cm wide.

Both boards have their wide point noticeably far forward (particularly compared with the JP Real World Wave) and are single concave throughout. The boards are 'disguised' in the current 2006 Fanatic graphics, so expect those to change!

We have also managed to get a sneak look at the new JP Real World Wave 69. Noticable differences from the current model are thinner rails (which should aid turning), slightly less width and a little more tail rocker - we will bring you more details as soon as we get them!!

Great stuff - thanks Boardseeker!

By the way - what are the implications you think of "Both boards have their wide point noticeably far forward" ???

Great job with the online mag - really excellent idea, well executed imo!

Many thanks again
Steve, thanks for you comments about the mag - glad you like it!

In theory, positioning the wide point further forward should help a board keep its speed up through onshore bottom turns and help to provide a wider nose on the board.

Fish boards are designed to combine a fast feeling with responsive turning off back foot pressure in onshore conditions.

Wider noses give the sailor stability to recover from top slides much more than with a narrower board.

We hope to have the first review of the new Fanatic Fish boards in about 1 months time.....

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