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New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?

Posted by mikeo 
New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?
3 March '12 | 3:19pm
Looking to buy a new board this year has anyone tried a 2012 RRD Freewave
and would like to report on it?
The 102ltr since I am a heavy weight.
New shape this year wider and shorter.
My choices I think are the Goya 1 104ltr and the RRD
Not too much has been said about them except the adds.
I sail the Gorge at the more tame spots like to get an opinion of someone in the know.
Re: New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?
4 March '12 | 5:21am
Wind mag did a test on the 102 and other freestyle wave boards it looks like it is a very good board
Re: New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?
4 March '12 | 5:59am
Thanks for the reply, I found the website Wind Magazine
even saw the board on the cover but could not read the contents of the mag.
Plus printed in different language other than english.
Maybe someone with a subscription could post the article?
2012 RRD Free Style Wave 102 ltr.
Re: New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?
5 March '12 | 9:55pm
Windsurf magazine Jan/Feb issue I think reviewed that board - good review as I recall.
Re: New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?
6 March '12 | 10:43pm
I believe that test was for an RRD but not for the Freestyle wave.
Although I have been known to be wrong,
I tried to look it up but wrong RRD
Re: New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?
8 March '12 | 3:30am
.windsurf uk has the test it's not on their website but it's in their January issue I picked up in Canada on the news stand
Re: New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?
22 March '12 | 6:05pm
I got this email from a Rep.
Thanks for your enquiry. The new FSWs are amazing, their shortness and curved plan shape make them looser, more fun and better in the air than our previous FSWs and this width also makes them very stable and gives them a wider wind range. The width allows us to to make the rails thinner so they can be more responsive in carving moves and even in wave riding too.

I use the the 102, 96 and 90 in waves for lighter winds or gustier conditions and only switch to my quads when the waves are bigger or the riding is getting tougher.

The boards are very stable through the water and soooo smooth, many of my clients describe them as smooth as silk and very controllable. Many who try our fsws buy : )

The feedback from all sailors of a variety of weights and abilities has been excellent.

What weight are you and which size interests you so I can best advise?
How would this board fit in your quiver?

Look forward to your reply and thanks for considering RRD,
Re: New 2012 RRD freewave TEST?
19 May '12 | 2:32am
I got my 116 ltd freestyle wave the board rocks Normal rrd quality great pads fin dk straps and awesome paint . The board sails as good as it looks super smooth. I was worried about the extra width but it rocks with the thin rails. I can't imagine a better all around large freestyle wave it feels like my 90 freestyle wave .


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