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2011 Starboard Carve 121ltr

Posted by mikeo 
2011 Starboard Carve 121ltr
5 May '12 | 2:46pm
Bought my 1st of 2 new boards this year 2011 121 Starboard Carve Technora
Got to sail it with a 7.4 yesterday in some flat to small 2 ft chop for 1 hour.
I am no expert and have only rode a few boards in my years of sailing buy here is what I thought that first hour.
I am 56 yrs old weigh 235lbs with wetsuit on, the 121 ltr floated me well right off the top and seem to get up and plane ok , compared to my last board I was replacing my HI Fly Madd 115 twin fin which by the way I really like so it will take a lot to get me thrilled with the Carve.
So rode it for 1 hour turned very nice and seemed to do just about anything you wanted in the turns from a slower turn to a more sharp on a dime turn which was nice.
It also seemed to handle what chop there was pretty good, go upwind not a problem down wind too, here in the "Gorge" USA you seem to sail down wind a lot cause the river is pushing you upwind.
Speed was average not a big concern of mine I just like to have fun, and when I learn more about the board I am sure it will go faster than yesterday.
My only draw back that I could tell was that it did not feel as "active or squirrely"
as I wanted, the foot straps were place inboard for the rep. told me that would be the spot to get the most response from the board.
of course I had a 7.4 sail on which is kind of heavy and cumbersome.
So all in all a good board, I read all the tests the past couple of weeks and I felt it tested the best and the Carves had a good reputation in the past and that is why I went with it. Cost was 1400 US dollars.
My next board will be a RRD 2012 102ltr FSW which should be much more active.
Re: 2011 Starboard Carve 121ltr
17 May '12 | 4:19am
I have been strongly considering the same board. I started sail two years ago with two used boards, a 187 ltr. beginner and a 102 ltr. wave both from the mid 1980’s. I think my skill level is an intermediate…I get in the straps, water start, handling strong wind, and occasional jibe with the 187, but I struggle with the 102 board. It is very loose and needs a lot of wind which I don’t always get on lakes in north Texas. My hesitation on getting the Carve is that I am also interested in its faster sibling, the Future. From what you have ridden what recommendation would you make for someone still trying to nail his jibes?

I wish board companies had an upgrade plan for people who need a forgiving board to hone their skills until they are ready for faster less forgiving board.
Re: 2011 Starboard Carve 121ltr
17 May '12 | 6:27pm
I have not ridden the Futura, faster yes, that is what the reports say.
The cave was easy to ride, and easy to turn, its my big board so all of my other gear is smaller
Here is the Starboard website [www.star-board.com]

Beforr I bought the carve I googled and searched the web, even going back a couple of years on tests and what people thought of it.
If you do a little searching I think you will find alot of information on the Futura and how it rides and turns,
I ran across it many times in my searches.
Re: 2011 Starboard Carve 121ltr
18 May '12 | 1:01am
Here is something you might like
Re: 2011 Rocket 125 or 2011 Carve 131 Wood
April 28, 2012 08:29AM Registered: 20 days ago
Posts: 2
Both boards are freeriding boards but with quite different caracteristics. The Tabou is a real planing machine and very easy to gybe, the rocket leaning more to freerace, like the Starboard Futura. The Carve is more a pure freerider and will out perform the Tabou and the Futura when it comes to gybing. The Carve is a really fast board but If you into blasting I would go for the Rocket or the Futura, are you into free(fun)riding and Carving I would go for the Carve.

Tabou Rocket: [boardtests.com]
Starboard Carve: [boardtests.com]
Starboard Futura: [boardtests.com]

Im not a Clone, but I saw that you only got spam answers so far so I hope its okay. Kind regards C
Re: 2011 Starboard Carve 121ltr
18 May '12 | 1:30am
I’m exhilarated by the speed when I am up and planning on my bic 102 L. I now really have my heart set on a freerace board, but I hope I don't spend a lot of time in the water because I can't turn the board around.

Thanks for the links and the posts.

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