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120 Freeride Test - 2008

Posted by THE CLONES 
120 Freeride Test - 2008
16 May '08 | 10:11am
Leave all your questions and comments about testing here and The Clones will get back to you as soon as they can!
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
16 May '08 | 3:17pm
I know which board I'm going to buy now!

Keep up the good work.
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
16 May '08 | 4:25pm
FYI - I think the passive-active dial graphics on the detailed write-up pages dont agree with the summary passive-active dial graphics ...eg look at the Exocet?!

Apart from this minor glitch, all looks really ace - good job.
Whens the 09 wave board (twinny test) planned?
A Clone
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
16 May '08 | 5:49pm
Thanks for spotting the mistake with the passive/active scale on the Exocet. The score on the overview page was correct (-4 passive), but somehow we ended up with +4 active on the detailed write up. Anyway, all sorted now and glad you are liking the test!

As soon as the 09 twin fins arrive we will be getting our hands on them and doing a group test. Should be a couple of months I imagine.....
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
16 May '08 | 9:34pm
Looks great, i wish there was a way you could add up all the bars easily to help me decide which one is best overall?

Has anyone done that yet? it will save me going through them!!
A Clone
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
16 May '08 | 10:01pm
Mathew, be careful trying to work out which is the 'best board' by adding up the scores. It doesnt really work like this.

You will find the best board for you, by working out what is important to you eg speed, price and fitting quality and then using the searches to find your best match. The board with the highest overall score wont necessarily be the same one or the best match for you.

Good luck with finding what you are looking for!
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
17 May '08 | 10:10am
It is not a bad Idea of Mathew to be able to add up the scores. The only way that will work however is if one could add his/her own 'profile' stating how you weigh the scores. For instance early planing might be less important for someone having a bigger board (+150l) already and is searching for a 120 L board.

But that is just an idea.

the initiative for this test and the way you did is is warmly welcomed!
A Clone
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
18 May '08 | 10:27am
Yes, indeed. What you are saying is basically 'dont add up all the results, instead add up the results that are important to you, in order to work out your best board'. This is correct.

We plan to add a feature in the near future that will allow people to sort the products based upon more than one criteria at a time, by profiling themselves first.
Todd Hume
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
20 May '08 | 2:16am
Top job on the review! Excellent evaluations. Thanks heaps.
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
27 May '08 | 8:37am
I don't agree at all with the possibility of entering your "profile" in order to sort out the best board to buy...

It's just how you look at it : I like to read all reviews and make up my mind for myself to know which board suits me best.

The profile thing is just a solution for lazy readers ;-) Anyone passionate about boards will simply read ALL reviews!

So, my conclusion : excellent job indeed, we want more!
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
24 August '08 | 4:30pm
Great test!!
Fin score:
A+: Using after market fins to expand evaluation.
D-: Encouraging manufacturers to include 2 fins with boards. Don't want 'em, don't want to pay for 'em. I'll choose my own fins, thanks.
Re: 120 Freeride Test - 2008
2 November '08 | 3:51am
Awesome test! Really helped as I've been trying to decide which board to buy in this range. Was going to go with the Futura but I think I'll go with the JP or maybe the F2. I'd probably go with the Rocket if it wasn't so damn ugly looking!

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