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Bigger Twin Fin Boards

Posted by uwe 
Bigger Twin Fin Boards
12 November '08 | 9:46am
Hi to the clones,

how about any test of the bigger twin fin
boards around 90 liter and more (Mistral, RRD etc.)

Thanks in advance uwe
A Clone
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
12 November '08 | 10:00am
Yes, its very high on our agenda!

We are still working on 4.7 and 5.3 sails, 100 Freestyle boards and 85 Freewaves. If we have time once these have cleared, we will do big Twin fins as we think this market will prove very popular over the next year or so.

Hopefully the wind will keep blowing so we can get through it all!!!
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
12 November '08 | 12:23pm
Thanks Clones,

for quick answer!

cant wait to hear from your impressions .

Greetings uwe
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
17 December '08 | 1:30pm
Hi Clones,

any news or information on this topic etc....

Greetings an Happy Chrismas to all of you !

A Clone
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
18 December '08 | 12:16pm
Sorry Uwe, we arent going to get these boards done before the New Year.

We had a bad spell of cold weather and no wind which has set us back a little so we will have to put these off until the spring.

We are however hearing a lot of good things about these boards (for people who want real wave performance from a bigger board) and it sounds like the brands are working hard on this category of board for their 2010 ranges - so we guess we will be seeing a lot more of them around.
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
18 December '08 | 4:11pm
It's great to hear this as there's not a lot of comparative information around on fat-boy waveboards, twinny or otherwise. I'd love to learn more about how a big twin stacks up against some of the more traditional big wave boards, the wavier FSWs and the 'off the wall' alternatives like the Kona Mini Tanker, AHD Seal etc. Best of all would be if you went beyond the 90L category up into 'float and ride' territory for we gentlement of the fuller figure.
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
19 December '08 | 8:16am
Hi Damian,

you are so right ! Mini tanker Kona, 104 liter Seal 99 liter RRD Twin ...
really interesting !

Greetings uwe
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
2 April '09 | 10:45am
Any news on this...in the pipeline for 2009 Boardseeker??
A Clone
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
2 April '09 | 11:28am
I'm afraid that we are not going to have time to test these in 09 Product year, but will make sure they get done in 010. We will aim for end of summer/early autumn (09) test.

We have had a pretty poor winter for sailing and with Adrian breaking his ankle in Dec progress has been slower than we had hoped for over the past few months.

We are nearly finished an 85 Freewave test and 5.3 Power Wave and will then be moving onto Freeride 130's and 7.5m no-cam sails. After that it will be time for the 010 releases.
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
30 June '09 | 8:08am
Hi Clones,

any new news about the bigger twins ?

Thanks in advance uwe
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
1 July '09 | 2:21pm
Yes, we are on the case and will hopefully get a test out by the autumn looking at big twin fins and other alternative 'wave' boards in this size...
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
2 December '09 | 3:32pm
Hi Clones,

any updates on this topic..?

thanks in advance

Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
29 December '09 | 12:47pm
Yes, any news on the big twinzers or other more unusual wave boards? I'm holding up un buying one until the testsmiling smiley
Re: Bigger Twin Fin Boards
3 January '10 | 11:13am

If you are a heavy guy like me, you would be better asking someone you know
who is heavy and on a large twin.
I have the RRDs 82 and 90 twin and always between 13.5 and 14st , now i can tell you
that the 90 will not feel the same if you are a 12st man.
I have tried the Goya 89 also and have spoke to other sailors and all seem to agree that
they are horses for courses boards.
What i mean is, we have not found them to be great in choppy or bump and jump conditions.
They like the smoothness between the waves and feel more comfortable, then they come
into thier owne, doing just what it says on the box so to speak.
I have also not noticed any height loss in my jumping and others say that of me also and again
planning with the twins i am very happy with.
I have found that being a little heavier than a lot of guys on the beech, the 90 works perfect for me.
My weight does help drive the board and hold into a shallow or tight turn with no problems and can
trust it 100% , i must say that, untill i got the twins, i feel that i was not really learning to wave ride.
The boards always pickup the waves and never buck you off on a bottom turn and has improved my
wave riding on a single fin.

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