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Which goya?

Posted by R L C 
Which goya?
30 November '08 | 10:20pm
I would like to ask the clones if they had the oportunity to include a goya custom series board to their latest test which one would it be? The 72 or the 78 lts? Since goyas shapes are more in the extreme side let's say (narrow one foot of, more side off shore bias) which one do you think that it will compiment your test. Thanx!
A Clone
Re: Which goya?
1 December '08 | 9:58am
We have tried the 78 Custom GOYA but its not really a fair comparison for the boards in our test. Its seems very much a 'down the line' board and also one that prefers bigger waves.

It feels quite comfortable from 4.0m to 5.0m sails, but for a 78 litre, it didnt feel like you would want to go too much bigger.

We havent tried the 72 Custom yet, which may perform differently.

We have a Goya One 77 now, which we hope to try in the next week or so, so will keep you posted on how we get on with this. We think this will be a much better all-round board for Euro conditions.
Murray Saunders
Re: Which goya?
1 December '08 | 10:25am
Hi there,

I work for Goya UK and have had a lot of time on the water with the 72 '09' Custom. I've sailed the board in cross on to cross off conditions. In cross on south coast conditions the board does need a little more power to plane than a less dedicated wave board. However, once up and going the board cuts through chop with ease and is more then a competent jumping board. It's easily controlled when over powered and allows you to put in unbelievable tight turns, perfectly balanced when in the switch stance clew first position for an onshore bottom turn.

As the wind turns more side shore/cross off the board really comes into its own. The rocker allows you to put the board into the critical part of the wave without loosing speed or control. The rails and MFC fin work well to allow a really snappy top turn offering enough control to get you straight back into your next bottom turn.

If you, or any one else, would like any further info then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am always on my email or contactable on my mobile 07812399723. If anyone would like to try any of the boards out then get in touch and we'll sort something out.

Many thanks, let's hope for some warmer wind before Christmas!!!


Murray Saunders


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