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Bic Techno 133

Posted by Lynn 
Bic Techno 133
6 December '08 | 3:14pm
Like to move down to a smaller board. Had the 133 in mind. My weight is 158 lbs.
12-14 mph are the typical winds in my area. 15-20 is not uncommon in spring and
fall. Do you think I could plan on this board on our light wind days. If so, what
size sail and stll be able to uphaul? Thanks in advance for any help.
Re: Bic Techno 133
11 December '08 | 7:56pm
Thanks for all your help clones!
BIg Air
Re: Bic Techno 133
11 December '08 | 10:50pm
What is 158lbs in kilograms? That is quite a big board though and should plane no problem in those winds, the only thing I have seen with those boards is that they do have a massive fin, which can be a problem for some things. I'm not a clone, although I do have a twin, so does that count?
A Clone
Re: Bic Techno 133
12 December '08 | 9:31am
Hi Lynn, sorry for missing your post earlier!

As BIg Air points out !33 litres is quite a big board especially for your weight which I believe is around 70kg.

You should have no problem uphauling it or getting planing on it. Unless you plan using big sails (8.0m plus) you will probably gain very little on the early planing front from going bigger than this. However a bigger board will cut-down the 'sensation' and maneuverability to some degree. A 133 should cope with up to 8.5m with no problem and even bigger at a push.

I think from how it sounds 133 would suit you well. Whilst we havent tried the Techno 133, you may be interested to read our test on the 118 here: [www.boardseekermag.com]

Let me know if you have any further questions.....

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