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Freewave boards test?

Posted by Snooksa 
Freewave boards test?
25 January '09 | 11:44am
Are you guys gonna make some freewave board test? I`m sure you have a lot of work and you can`t make everything in this world but i`m just curious about the 09 range and I loved the other tests. Thank you. smiling smiley
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Re: Freewave boards test?
25 January '09 | 4:23pm
Yes indeed - we have Freewave 85 boards here at the moment and aim to get the test released end of March/ Early April.

We have a good line up - 10 boards in total from all the main brands.

The next test to be released will be 4.7 wave sails, which we have now finished (except for a few pictures) and then 5.3 Power wave sails.

The tests have taken us a little longer to get through this year than we had aimed for. However as its our first time testing all this equipment it takes some time to work out what we need to look for and assess within each group. Next year we should be quicker at getting these tests out - weather permitting of course!
Re: Freewave boards test?
25 January '09 | 8:07pm
Thank you for the answer. You guys have the best tests on the net. Will be looking forward. Keep up the good work!
Re: Freewave boards test?
3 April '09 | 7:46pm
Are the tests still planned for beginning of April, or do u expect some delay ?
Thanks for your website !
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Re: Freewave boards test?
3 April '09 | 8:10pm
We're very close to finishing it (and also our 5.3 power wave sail test).

We need 2 more days on the water (with some waves) and with the forecast looking promising for early next week, we hope to have it wrapped up by then.

Realistically it will take a further 10 -14 days to get the test live, so more likely to be mid - end of April I'm afraid.

Sorry for the delay, but we are at the mercy of the weather!
Re: Freewave boards test?
4 April '09 | 11:50am
Thanks !
Maybe from your current opinion on the boards you can help me: I was riding a RRD TT 105 2005 and I sold the board as it was a little too big and less fun in freeride.
I am looking for a new board, not to go in waves, but for basic freestyle (vulcanos, speed loops ...), freeriding (not real performance but fun to ride) and bump/jump (choppy water).
Would you go for a RRD FSW 95 or for the JP Freestyle 99 ?
Thanks and again congratulations for your tests,

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