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Large Freeride

Posted by niklas 
Large Freeride
17 February '09 | 8:30am
Hello, I am just seeking some advice from the clones.

I am an early intermediate of 80kgs capable to beach start, use the harness and making good progress with the footstraps and unfortunately I am unable to waterstart.

I am looking to buy my first short board and as I read your freeride test I picked up a couple of favourites such as the stoke and the x-cite, however I am a bit confused on what would be the right size for me in terms of volume/width. I was thinking of going after a board in the range of 130lt, however I am not sure I am on the safe side.

Currently I am confident with a board that 155lt / 77cm, the wind range in which I plan to sail is between 12-17 knots and I already have a 6.1 NP Zen.

Keep up the good work with all the testing.
Thank you very much in advance
A Clone
Re: Large Freeride
19 February '09 | 11:37am
Hi Niklas,

A little hard to answer your question without knowing:

1. Do you plan to keep the 155 board you are using as well the new one you intend to buy?
2. What do you aspire to? ie Do you only sail in such light winds because you dont get stronger where you live or is it simply that your technique isnt good enough yet?

From what you have described, a 120 board would be a challenging but attainable step and one that I would recommend as long term you will get more out of this size of board. You will be able to uphaul it ok and it will complement the 6.2 sail you use much better - your 155 is really too big for this size of sail. With a 120 board, as your technique improves you will also be able to buy a 5.3 and 7.5m sail which will give you a really great wind range on the one board.

If you intend only ever to sail in the lighter winds that you describe, then you are probably better going for a 130 and as your technique improves, get a 7.5m sail.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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