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Sail test

Posted by Doby 
Sail test
13 March '09 | 5:55pm
Nice test! To bad Maui Sails weren?t included...
Re: Sail test
21 June '09 | 11:43am
or severne sails as well!
Re: Sail test
22 June '09 | 2:15am
Severne sails are too good to be tested by mere magazines. You have to accept that Severne sails are the best sails in the world. Much like Starboard in the UK.
Re: Sail test
24 June '09 | 8:41pm
Nice test but inst the GunSails Rapid the Freeride-race sail you should have tested?
The best Freeride nocam race sail in other Mag. tests
A Clone
Re: Sail test
25 June '09 | 7:52am
When it comes to choosing which model to submit to test, we have to leave that to the manufacturers. After all, the manufacturers know their products better than us.

We send an invite to a test, telling them what we are looking for eg. Performance no-cam sail which will be tested for speed, maneuverability etc etc and try to give an indication of which other products will be in the test from other brands and then let the manufacturer decide which of their products is best placed to compete.

We can't really do any more than this.

A good example of this is our wave tests for next year. We will be looking to do a 75 litre all-round wave board test eg a 75 litre board that does it all from cross on to down the line.

Some brands next year will have 4 wave lines (single, twin, quad etc etc), so its not our position to say which board they should submit - that's up to them! If we choose the board eg the twin fin range, then we are in danger of the brand saying 'Well you should have had our single fin. That would have turned better, gone faster etc etc'

So in answer to your question, yes perhaps the Rapid would have been more suitable, but GUN chose to submit the Future for this test, perhaps for their own reasons.


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