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Board Dilemas!

Posted by Neil_H 
Board Dilemas!
19 April '09 | 12:11pm
Hi, I wonder if u could impart any wisdom! I am stuggling to decide on what to do about my boards. I have a 05 syncro 82 and a 07 syncro 115. I'm 95 kgs and my sail quiver is 4.5, 5.0, 5.7, 6.4 and 7.5. I sail on the south coast, have total waterstart confidence, just starting to jump and am getting round about 50% of tacks and gybes, tho a full planing carve gybe is still eluding me!! I aim to move into doing more wave sailing tho also want to do some freestyle!

The dilema I'm having is thus. I'm struggling to really get to grips with my small board unless conditions are ideal and i'm starting to find that my big board is a bit too big for where i'm going with my sailing! Options are: 1. sell both boards and get one board in between.
2. Sell the 115L, move down a size and persist in trying to get to grips with my small board.
3. Sell the 82L, replace with something bit bigger. I'm open to other suggestions.

Boards I'm considering are another syncro, jp fsw or a goya one. Finances are a consideration and I'd very much appreciate your thoughts...
Many Thanks.
Re: Board Dilemas!
19 April '09 | 1:26pm
before any sudjestions, weight is an issue (your weight that is..) and budget is a bit of an issue..also, the problems that you are having with your small board are what? takes a long time to plane? less stable then your 115l? if you can afford to buy another board without selling either board then that would be ideal. buy something like a 95l-105l fsw as the middle range board and ceep your 82l for the waves, in the beggining you could still use your 115l on light wind days, but i have a feeling that you will 95-105l pretty fast if you can just uphaul on it...then you can sell your 115l if you choose to do so, but i wouldnt sell it before you know that the board your buying realy takes the 115l's role as lighter wind board.. at around 100l, the boards are very versitile so if you can uphaul on then, your good to go ;p
Re: Board Dilemas!
19 April '09 | 3:56pm
Prob with 82l is difficulty getting onto the plane unless really powered up, subsequently struggling to stay up wind. Once planing struggling in the tack and gybe (lack of stability).
Wanted to avoid going to a 3 board quiver (storage issues) tho agree it makes more sense to get a 100l board and get used to it before selling the 115.
Hot Ice
Re: Board Dilemas!
19 April '09 | 5:06pm
Sell the 82 litre board and 7.5 sail along with its mast and boom.

Buy a Goya One 95 litre.
Re: Board Dilemas!
18 June '09 | 5:29pm
OK, heres the deal, i doubt that your skill level will decrease over time, so if i where you, since you already feel that you have outgrown the 115l, buy something smaller and keep the wave board for those realy windy days. if you can, keep the 7.5 and it's rig, 100l fsw with that kind of rig is a lot of fun at about 15knts give or take.. if over time you still are not happy with the 82l, even though sailing a 100l board should improve your 82l sailing quite a bit, sell it and but something shorter and wider at say 90l, it will plane earlier and be more stable. if you think that this is the course of action that you will go with, i would buy a 105l fsw as the bigger board just so that you have a bit of a bigger gap between the two!
hope this helps,


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