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Jeri Freestyle Board

Posted by Windsurf Jim 
Jeri Freestyle Board
20 April '09 | 9:48pm

I'm going to be heading out to Jeri for 2 months at the end of the year and can't decide on what size and style of freestyle board to take.

Ideally I'd like a freestyle board that doesn't feel too big as I prefer sailing smaller boards (currently own a 80L wave board that I do a bit of freestyle on), and would like something that I can still throw around in the waves a bit and use a lot for jumping.

Have any of you tried the 90L RRD? What is like compared to the 100L that you tested in terms of freeride/bump & jump? Any other recommendations?

I weigh 85kg, should I be looking around 90L or would 95-100L be ok for Jeri?

Many thanks
Re: Jeri Freestyle Board
21 April '09 | 8:26am
have been spending the last few nov/dec out in jeri and everyone rides big wave/freestyles...in fact most around 100l despite the locals all being around the 10 stone mark. i am 11.5 stone and use my rrd 100 wave/freestyle custom which is perfect for all the conditions out there, the lakes plus in front of the dune.
Jem Hall
Re: Jeri Freestyle Board
21 April '09 | 4:54pm
Go with the 100 twin tip and take a smaller wave all-rounder / fsw around 80 - 85 litres for jumping / windier / wavier days. 2 boards and 5.8 - 4.7 or 5.2 to 4.2 will see you well.
Re: Jeri Freestyle Board
22 April '09 | 8:03am
I'd say a 90ltrs freestyle board would be fine.
If you are already used to a 80litres board for freestyle, then why not go with this board?
It's really windy over there, and I was surprised most people were on such small freestyle boards. A lot were on 90ltr, though they are big guys. You can ride the waves on a 90ltrs, but it isn't such a pleasure as using a 60/70litres in the waves over there.
Re: Jeri Freestyle Board
22 April '09 | 10:49pm
Thanks for the replies guys!

I was tempted to go down the route of a 95 freestyle/wave for Jeri but was still concerned about the wind strength over there and whether or not it would still feel too big...and so started looking at smaller freestyle boards.

Jem, I will have 2 boards with me, but the second will be a fairly dedicated 76-90L waveboard as heading onto chile afterwards, so really i'm looking for a one board solution for my time in Jeri. Although i'm sure there will still be days out there when I can use the wave board.

Thanks again guys
Re: Jeri Freestyle Board
24 April '09 | 8:23am
Thats meant to say 76-80L, not 90!!

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