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freestyle board

Posted by phil 
freestyle board
7 July '09 | 1:57pm
I'm french windsurfer (so sorry for my english). I read your freestyle report and I would like an advice about the choice of my freestyle board. I hesitate between a fanatic skate 108 or 98 or a jp australia 99 or 108. Can you help me ?
My weight is 70 KG. I' m not a pure freestyler. This board is for the light wind 13-20 knots with a 5,7 sail.
A Clone
Re: freestyle board
7 July '09 | 3:08pm
Phil at your size, you will be best going for the smaller size of both those 2 boards (the 98 & 99). This should be big enough to get planing in the light wind with 5.7m and also small enough to be fun in 20 knots or so.

The Choice between the JP and Fanatic is best described in the test. The Fanatic carves better, the JP blasts better...

Good luck!
Re: freestyle board
7 July '09 | 3:24pm

Totaly agree with Clone! You super light, and having a board just under 100l would be ideal, still super easy to plane, but also useable in stronger winds with smaller sail!

Maybe this would be any interest to you?!

JP FREESTYLE 99 2008 FWS NEW £799 + P&P


Re: freestyle board
8 July '09 | 6:51am
Thank you for yours answsers

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