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5.3 Power Wave Sail Test Men or Boys ?

Posted by Hot Ice 
Hot Ice
Re: 5.3 Power Wave Sail Test Men or Boys ?
6 November '09 | 8:23pm
Hi Happy Frank,

Put your dummy back in the pram and move on.

Oh and take a hundred lines “Hot Ice is my hero”
Re: 5.3 Power Wave Sail Test Men or Boys ?
8 November '09 | 3:49pm
Hi Guys,

To all who took part in this debate,
i am sure that we all understand that what's good for you may not be for your friend.
Personally i have never had an issue with back handy sails and i beleive it has nothing to
do with my 87kgs. The only time i have had this feeling is when i have sailed other peoples
kit. I found that some sailors put thier lines more forward than me and when powered up the back
hand has to do far to muck work and gives the feeling of being overpowered, but when i have moved them back
so to allow my wait to do a little more of the work, that the sail feels a lot more comfortable and no
overpowered issues, also i have noticed that when i have sailed kits with the harnes lines touching this
also has a back and front hand problem, lets not forget that rigging can have the same effect.
I have just got my 2010 combats and having tried the 2010 goya's found they had the same feel.
The 2010 are without doubt more powerful than the 2008 combats and give a lot more pull in the front for
looping, so don't need to be as aggressive with the sheeting in and the goya was the same.
These sail also get me planing a lot earlier, this has also been noticed by other sailors i know.
The same applies to boards, i have the rrd twin finn 82 and 90 , love them both and for some people they don't
seem to be radical enough, but i think my weight helps me out thier, i find that i can push them as hard as i like, very tight bottom turns or more drawn out which i prefer.
One thing i have noticed with pretty much all the 2010 kits, is that more people now than ever are saying that they are
very happy with the kit they are on, no matter what the brand, so something good is happening.
I am very happy also with all my kit this year, but will try my mates kits to compare.

Finally, keep up the good reviews adrian, i for one find them to be accurate, after all, i got my twinns on the strength of your test, thanks.

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