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Twin fin test / Starboard Evil Twin

Posted by Alex 
Twin fin test / Starboard Evil Twin
31 July '09 | 6:00pm
Thanks for publishing the "80-85 L Twin Fin Test" - very interesting.
One thing that really struck me was your verdict of the Starboard Evil Twin 80 with regards to "get up and go" and "control in waveriding" (quote: < "It is a board that seems to have many different moods and characters. At times you think you have got it sussed and then suddenly it will do something completely unexpected" >winking smiley.
The German surf magazin has recently tested the slightly smaller 74 L version and came up with completely different results that can be seen here: [www.starboard-windsurfing.com]
They particularly stress that the board is very controllable in front-leg "down the line" wave riding, and that it is easy to vary the turn radius.
Reading your evaluation, one gets the impression that the board is rather unpredictable.

I know, there is a difference in size between the boards tested, but I really don't see why this can make such a huge difference. Either sides ability to convincingly explain this would add to the credibility of these test.

Very curious to read your feed-back (by the way, I also asked the same question to the German surf mag).

A Clone
Re: Twin fin test / Starboard Evil Twin
3 August '09 | 3:49pm
Hi Alex, thanks for your question...and its a good one!

The first thing I would say is that you absolutely cannot compare results of a 74 test and an 80 test and assume that they are the same board.

We have rarely found 2 boards in a range that work exactly the same and even when we do, the role of 2 different sizes is quite different. For instance, different wind conditions, sail sizes etc

So I think the simple answer is that the tests cannot be compared.

I am 100% confident in the results that we found within that test, as we spent a great deal of time on the boards in a good range of conditions. The only conditions we didn't get to test in were proper, powered down the line conditions. I believe that Surf Mag do most of their testing around Cape Town where its very rare to get cross on sailing, so perhaps this could also explain some differences in what they found?

Anyway, if you are thinking of buying one, there are some mega deals going on them at the moment (I saw some new ones going for £700 a week or so ago - for whatever reason that might be?!), but I suggest you try it first to make sure its suits your sailing.

Good luck!
Re: Twin fin test / Starboard Evil Twin
30 October '09 | 7:56am
I got a ET74 and it rocks in cross on to cross off, it's an exiting board.


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