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Ezzy panther V Simmer Icon?

Posted by Steve 
Ezzy panther V Simmer Icon?
26 August '09 | 11:33am
How would you say these two sails compare - pretty similar, albeit Simmer has less built in "camber" and a bit stiffer?

Appreciate your feedback

Re: Ezzy panther V Simmer Icon?
28 August '09 | 4:11am
i cant tell about the panter and the new simmer icon.
But i own a ezzy se and i used a simmer icon 2008.

It is two different sails, but both of them are extremely well down in term of quality, very strong built.

For me the ezzy would be smoothier in term of power, and the icon will have more response in the gust and maybe more reactive.

But ezzy as such a nice feeling, i used the xflex too, and i felt this was close in feeling from the ezzy.

I dont know if my answer will help you. It depends of your wave sailing expectations and preference.
But for sure, these two sails are great.


Quentin ( from france)
Re: Ezzy panther V Simmer Icon?
2 September '09 | 7:33am
Hi Steve, I own a 2008SE and as Quentin says, is a very smooth ride and has an exceptional wind range. I know the Simmer is quite good too. I guess the difference is the drive that the Ezzy has in turns. Due to its slight and preformed belly, it keeps some pull in turns and waveriding. The Panther is flatter than the 2008SE, but it still has this typical Ezzy feel.

The choice depends on your preferences. If you want a sail that you can make totally netral during freestyle moves and waveriding, the Simmer might be the better choice. If you always like to feel a slight drive in the sail and appreciate a huge wind range, the Ezzy might be the better choice.
Re: Ezzy panther V Simmer Icon?
2 September '09 | 8:21am
Been using Ezzy for the last 10 years in Geraldton Wa wind as with swell...... (used and tryed heaps of diffrent riggs ) the only sail that came close was the North sails in the early mid 90S ......dave kalama shreeded up with THEM.
spongy and full of power ........gotta love the tack strap on the ezzys to give you some grunt down low adds up to .2 .3 m extra to the sails grunt ........... OK with it fuller,,, the rig when you throw ,it is slower but there smooth and solid for wave riding .

The sails Mission x i used was a flatter and the power higher ........the .higher cut from the foot to the end of the boom made throwing the rigg like turning on a 10c piece.

i actually order a couple of icon this year which will be fun to use ,but to replace the ezzy feel ? .......

......... throw the ezzys out for 8 foot wave riding west coast ozzie probabily not but the feel and simmer style will will produce a new angle of attack . hope its got mojo down low for scrambling over godzillers

judgment day is around the corner

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steve c
Re: Ezzy panther V Simmer Icon?
26 September '09 | 10:07am
I heard there is a limted edition pink panther - for those that cannot jump ! haha

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