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Quad vs TwinFin

Posted by stylomat 
Quad vs TwinFin
3 September '09 | 10:45am
Hi Guys,

While I constantly read boardseekermag, I just registered now. So hello everybody.

I plan to buy a new waveboard (one-for all). Just found out that some companies are coming up with 4-fin boards now (e.g., JP and Starboard). Regarding JP, the quad-board is similar to the twin fin board, it just has four slots and can also be set up as twinser.

They write that the quad is faster and planes more easily than the twinser. How can that be? I thought that the reason why twinser are slower than single fins is that there are two fins, i.e., a board with four fins must be even slower than one with two fins???

Moreover, are you planning to test the quads in the near future, or has anybody gained experience on one?

Thanks, Jan
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
12 September '09 | 11:04am
any replys?........
A Clone
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
14 September '09 | 4:29pm
Sorry for the delay in coming back to you on this. We actually just received the JP Quad 82, but haven't sailed it yet. (We are also due to receive the new Quatro ones in the next 7 days). As soon as we have had a chance to sail them, we will let you know how they go.

You can check out our first impressions of the larger 81 liter Starboard Quad here: [www.boardseekermag.com]
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
17 September '09 | 6:42pm
JP and *board pretend their QUADs are also "Twin-set-up"-capable.

is this valid for the QUATRO quad too?
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
18 September '09 | 8:01am
do you know what sizes width and volume the quatro quads will be?
A Clone
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
18 September '09 | 8:53am
I am pretty sure the Starboard is NOT designed to be both Twinser and Quad set up? The convertible model allows single fin set-up, but not not Twinser.

I believe we are getting a 75 and 85 Quatro Quad, but don't know any dimensions yet. We should have them in the next few days so I will let you know as soon as they arrive.
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
24 September '09 | 5:14pm
Hi ,
Really keen to hear what you have to say about the qautro quads as i'm considering buying one of these in 75ltr when they are released !
Also will the boardseeker team have these boards in Tiree for the wave event as i will be there and would love to see them and pick your brains about them versus twin fin??

cheers Mikey
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
5 October '09 | 7:56pm

The Quad's are definitely coming about, and working great. They are a bit slower due to extra fins, but this can be adjusted with fin sizes and rocker line. OES Australia just announced their Quad fin design after some serious testing in Maui. They have a recent blog post on their website about the Quad design and it's performance characteristics. Their Quad is a convertible Twin Fin. Switching to the Twin setup will allow a looser skatey sensation, while the Quad offers unbelievable holding power.

Check them out at www.oesaustralia.com

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Hot Ice
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
7 October '09 | 12:19pm
rlfmaui Wrote:
They are a bit slower due to extra
> fins

Hi rifmaui,

I am confused when you say four fins, a Quad, are a bit slower. Surely the opposite is true and Quads are actually faster?

My understanding is that the pair of fins on each side of the board work together and sit close to the rail and are very efficient at generating speed. They allow the board to be driven hard producing high speeds on the wave.

One of the things surfers mention when discussing quads is how really fast they are.
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
7 October '09 | 1:31pm
I think you have to sperate 'surfing' and 'windsurfing'.

Surfers can only generate speed using the wave. 4 fins and more grip may well help them do this, but that said ALL the top WCT boys use 3 fins (when performance counts atleast)

When riding a wave on a windsurf, sure you use the wave to generate speed, but you also use the sail power. Sometimes in very light winds we initially use the wave but as our speed builds so does the apparent wind in our sails and the sail 'takes over'. There must be a certain speed at which the extra fins aren't actually producing drive anymore, but are actually producing unnecesary drag. (otherwise speed boards would have 4 fins...)

This is not to say 4 fins are bad -sometimes the extra grip is good, sometimes not. But they are NOT quicker.

Funny thing is most surfers are looking for speed, speed and more speed to push surfing further. WE already have ooodles of speed yet seem to be trying to slow ourselves down and do S turns.
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
7 October '09 | 7:39pm
I should say that the top end speed is a bit slower (not a lot though). They still feel super quick and snappy on the wave face, and they hold even better than the twin fin. If you want a fast board for jumping then get a single fin. The extra fin area creates more drag, but also better holding power. You still go plenty fast on the wave, with a minor decrease in straight line accelleration and overall speed. OES is trying to use the least amount of fin area possible, while still having good grip and control. The board should be used primarily in wave conditions, but you can take out the two small fins. This will give you the twin fin setup which is faster and looser, good for onshore conditions.

Re: Quad vs TwinFin
8 October '09 | 2:58am
stylomat Wrote:

> They write that the quad is faster and planes more
> easily than the twinser. How can that be? I
> thought that the reason why twinser are slower
> than single fins is that there are two fins, i.e.,
> a board with four fins must be even slower than
> one with two fins???

I think it is kind of obvous that the fastest top end speed goes to the single fins as all the speed boards are single fins like prevously mentioned. however, speed on a wave is a totaly different subject and here is where qauds may be faster... theoreticaly, under certain conditions a qaud fin should (this is probobly what the conpanies meen by faster than twin, or even single fins) and most likely is faster. it all comes down to the rider and his or her style of sailing, that decides which board they should use (single, twin, thruster or qaud) take for example the two opasite ends of the spectrum, angulo rides a single fin and it works great for his fluid "off the lip" style, yet kauli is working on a qaud that will better suit his more "surfy" style. josh's style requires a board that will ceep up its speed so he can hit the lip and pull an arial, kauli however does not need great top end as he never has time to reach it with his slashy top turns and tight bottom turns, the board just never has time to reach its top speed on the wave. now, when you consider kauli's style, how his boards just dont have the time to reach top end, acceliration and never spining out is key to a fast board, and in this situation the quads should hold an advantage. the increased fin area gives the board more latiral resistance but without the draw back of a less loose ride usualy asociated with an increased fin area usualy achieved by using a longer fin. the fact that qauds have 4 fins instead of one that have to spin out before the board spins out also helps retain your speed through radical tight turns.

so what does this all meen in the end of the day? i think that if josh sailed the same way as kauli, kauli on his qaud would hands down be faster then josh on his single (given that the boards are the only differance between the two riders, obvously they are not, but for argument's sake lets say that they are) yet if kauli sailed the same way as josh, josh with his single fin would rip right by kauli. when twin fins came out, it gave anybody that isnt kauli or josh a board that suited their style of sailing, most guys like to hit the lip and get some air wihile still having the benefits of two fins to make the turns a little more interesting. you can by all meens use a qaud for josh's style and a single for kauli's style, but they wont work as well and it would be much harder to to perform at a high level. by the way, for you that arewondering why i chose josh and kauli, well, josh is basicly the only big name pro wave sailor using a single fin for its benefits and kauli is basicly the only big name pro wave sailor using a qaud for its benefits, for now anyways...

all that to say, yes qaud fins can be faster, however certain styles of promote the use of qauds while others promote the use of twin or single fin set ups..

BTW; Eos guy, give your marketing campaign a break, we get the idea, Eos makes good boards in your openion and im sure the excel and fail when compaired to other boards depending on the conditions, rider preferances and their style of ridding (just like every other wave board on the planet, theres no wave board that does it all and does it all the best in the world...) so give it a break, they do have nice graphics though...
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
17 October '09 | 5:32pm
Hey what's up with the tests?
You said that it should be online soon, just a question of days...and we don't have any news? Jp quad? Quatro one?. & the sails?

thanks for your great job! An impatient guy from france!
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
23 October '09 | 9:32pm
Hey??? something new??
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
28 October '09 | 2:41am
hey all, just had my new 8 foot / 100 L quatro quad ('twinzer') out in logo to mast high side shore 4.7 conditions... normally would have had a smaller board out in these conditions; but what the heck, had to try out my new toy... ! it does not really point up wind as well as i thought it would.. but does plane up quick on the wave face and...yes..is insanely loose..it grips well allowing turns on any part of the wave- rather than having to wait till getting to the bottom of the wave to turn. it has the new 'levi fast rocker' which makes it quick on the wave... hard to believe a board of this volume can be this loose ! very stoked on it so far but really need to try it in lighter wind conditions..ie 5.7 / 5.2..the conditions it was made to perform in...
Calvin Klein
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
28 October '09 | 8:12am
Is it loose or grippy then?
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
29 October '09 | 3:09am
..loose like the board turns easily and quickly where your feet tell it to go.. it girps / drives well in the bottom turn with tons of speed and easily goes vertical up the wave and back down.. it doesn't tail slide (easily) like my mistral 84 does.... its much lighter weight & looser than my sos 98L, which - for a floaty board- is very loose & surfy indeed...
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
30 October '09 | 12:55pm

how about specs of the board, custom?
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
30 October '09 | 4:13pm
Hi I have been trying and bought the new JP quad 82.....

So far used it with 4.5m only in cross shore choppy head high waves, I would say I am an intermediate ability wavesailor and can connect good rides in decent condition but struggle with more onshore waveriding although planning on getting better smiling smiley

Goes upwind really well and if you are harsh you can feel it losing grip if you push too hard but this is happening less as I get to grips with it
Handles overpowered conditions easily
Decent to jump although not as yet as good as a single (althought only used it 3 times and each time it gets easier)
Feels as fast as a single powered up and without taking them out back to back cant really feel too much in a straight line, still fells fast and fun although off the wind you dont feel that completely maxed out feeling of nervousness (which I like) as the board rides lower in the water but thie helps when powered up as board does not rail up like a single.

Now the good bit.....
It is easy to gybe
On a wave the board feels super grippy and loose
On a bottom turn you can turn hard or a bit more drawn out
It allows you to change course when trying to do aerials in a totally adjustable way which means I can now hit the correct part of the wave easier
You can smack whitewater as hard as you like and it either grips or you get really controllable slides that are just plain fun
I also find I have more confidence to hit sections later as the top turn has loads of grip and you can turn back on yourself easily and stay really close to the wave - sliding the fins also seems very easy to control.
If you can get the first turn in with speed and lose drive from the wind when it is light on the inside I can still get turns in - something I couldnt do before.
I am 83kg and can go out through the surf not planing easily
The board also seems to punch through surf when not planing

So I am more than happy with this board. Straps and fitting are good and it comes with screwdriver to attach the fins have a nice ramp for the fin bolt (US box) to slide into making attaching the fins (when I was in a hurry to go sailing) really easy - nice touches that hav made it feel a little special. The new feeling is very addictive and it is keeping me off my (sorry to say this) kiteboard in the waves. I bought this to hopefully re-ignite my windsurfing and so far so good. I tried this board as well as a twin starboard and find this board to be better all round as still feels fast, quick to get going etc. Will update if we get some clean waves as I think it will be a lot of fun......
Re: Quad vs TwinFin
30 October '09 | 10:32pm
phil horrocks seems to be enjoying his quad 68 he reports on his blog
looks like it's a hit, interesting you pull out similar qualities.
he doesn't comment on the ease of use of the angled fin box screw thing though winking smiley
pic looks like a twin fin though? claerly too much suncream on his feet, his foots slipped right out!


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