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New breed of tightleach power sails

Posted by pgvirtual 
New breed of tightleach power sails
9 September '09 | 7:25am
In the test department it would be VERY interesting to see a test that would cover the new kind of power-sails that are starting to become available. Maybe it even is a trend?

I refer to the new Severne Mojo and the slightly older concept of Sailworks Hucker. Is this type of sail useful, and for whom? And how do they compare to traditional sails half a square meter bigger (Sailworks claims the 6.6 Hucker has the range of a 7.0 Retro)? Are these sails for mortals, and do they bring more airtime?

I would certainly look forward to a test...
A Clone
Re: New breed of tightleach power sails
14 September '09 | 4:33pm
Thanks for the posting - yes would make an interesting concept test indeed. We tested the Pryde Helium last year (http://www.boardseekermag.com/equipment_reviews/equipment/Neilpryde-Helium-075.htm) and were pretty impressed with how that performed.

At the moment we are really busy with the wave gear, but once that is cleared we will try to squeeze this in.
Re: New breed of tightleach power sails
18 September '09 | 10:21am
And now Simmer has launched their new VMAX sail that seems to fall into the same, or at least similar, category. Looks more and more like a trend!

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