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quatro 81 twin

Posted by leemo 
quatro 81 twin
24 September '09 | 9:08am

I have read your early 80-85l wave twin test and just a quick question regarding the Quatro81. You say that it isn't too quick on the plane. Is this in comparison to the others on test or in general. I am looking for a new wave board pretty soon and the quatro is one of my strong considerations. I am 77 kg and want it as my main wave board with a quiver of 5.7, 5.0 and 4.2. Mainly sail at Rhosneigr, but also lots of other wave spots from dtl to on shore to flat water - just what the day throws at you! i do have a free ride board for 5.7 upwards and a small wave board for 4.2-3.7.

Re: quatro 81 twin
17 June '10 | 9:42am
The same question, I'm also 77kg and want to use it as my main waveboard with 5.0 4.5 and 4.0. Euroconditions, baltic and northern sea.

Another question is are those twins good for jumping?

Re: quatro 81 twin
17 June '10 | 10:33am
Hi Johny

I'm 86kg and use this board as my only wave board with 5.3, 4.7 and 4.2 sails. For my weight it doesn't like using anything bigger than a 5.3....I tried it with a 5.6 but it struggled. The board does feel small when using it but my friend who is your weight uses it as his lighter wind wave board.

In terms of euro/onshore waves, it does work and has reasonable speed for jumping but not as well as say the new tempo. I find it not the most comfortable to sail in a straight line or in choppy conditions as it prefers to be on a nice wave. Once on a decent wave though it is amazing, one of the best!

I would maybe consider the 76 tempo.
Re: quatro 81 twin
17 June '10 | 3:18pm
Thanks for advice Jim, it helped me a lot.

One more question- is the ride comfortable with the biggest sail or it requires much more sensitive technique to turn on the wave than a single fin?
Re: quatro 81 twin
17 June '10 | 5:32pm
Once on a wave the sail size isn't too much of issue I find. It was mainly when sailing along that I found the 5.6 was overpowering the board a bit.....it started going sideways as much as it was forwards. Perhaps some bigger fins would help? It's perfect with a 5.3 or a 4.7 though so if you don't plan to use any bigger than 5.3 then I wouldn't worry

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