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harness line length

Posted by pcc 
harness line length
6 October '09 | 7:55pm
Hi. Just started windsurfing a few months ago and about to get a harness to help me progress. Question is: what's the best way to work out the length required? Also, if I understand the books OK, as I progress, I may need to move the footstraps further out and back - does this mean I will need to get longer lines? Are lines adjustable?
All help appreciated - I am still a rookie but keen to learn.
Re: harness line length
6 October '09 | 10:41pm
what length harness lines you need is a debate that has gone on for ages. some people say that the length is found by putting your hand on the boom, in between the line and then putting your elbow down in to the line, if your forearm just fits in, then that's the right length. whether that works or not, i don't know. i'd say get some adjustable ones and see what works for you.

you can get adjustable harness lines no problem, the best might be to get some that adjust from 24 to 30 inch lines. it's debatable which length range is best, but i'd say you'd be on safe ground if you got some that length. Dakine make nice ones, but so do lots of other makes, just get some that don't slip, that is rubbish and often the problem with adjustable lines. as a guide, i sail on 32" lines, and i am pretty middle of the road, some people have longer, a lot of people have shorter, depends on your style.

as to what happens when you get better, i can't remember. all i know is that as i learnt my lines got progressively longer and longer and my boom went higher. straps will come back, once you are planing super fast, you'll want to be much further back over the fin and if you're on a slalom or big freestyle board or some kind of beginner is board then yeah, you'll move the straps more outboard as you pick up speed and learn.

am sure other people can fill you in on it better though, i can't remember what happened when i learnt, it was a while back.

best of luck, and get some harness lines asap, you'll come on in leaps and bounds.

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Re: harness line length
7 October '09 | 8:23am
I agree with the above adjustable lines are probably best to experiment with to find out what length feels most comfortable, but once you've done that i'd throw them away and get some fixed length lines. Personaly I find adjustable lines slip, never staying at the length you want, and they'll swing back wards and forwards on the boom making getting in and out of them harder as there movements less predictable than the more rigid fixed kinds. Its worth checking that the length of the lines stated on the packet actualy matchs with what your after or have used previously as either the line manufacturers don't measure them accuratley or they measuring from different points. Certainly lines of a given length from different brands don't seem to be the same length.
Hot Ice
Re: harness line length
7 October '09 | 12:36pm
Hi Pete,

It actually has less to do with your physical size and more to do with your type of sailing.

Keep it simple and start with 30 inch fixed harness lines.

Equally important is where you place the harness lines on your boom and that should be well back. Also the distance between the harness lines should be no more than one hand width apart. The boom itself should be placed high, level with your neck.

As for the harness itself buy a waist harness.

Above all else get out on the water as often as possible and take a few lessons.

Have fun.
Re: harness line length
7 October '09 | 9:41pm
Thaks for feedback, guys. I figured that it would be a debatable subject and you have confirmed my thoughts. Think I'll go with the suggestion to experiment with adjustable ones to see what length suits me, then get some fiexed ones when I have worked it out.
Once again, many thanks for input - keep on planing!

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