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Simmer Icon 2009 Outhaul

Posted by Iconclastic 
Simmer Icon 2009 Outhaul
19 October '09 | 12:41am
The guy asking the north outhaul question in a previous thread, prompted me to follow up with a Simmer outhaul question.

Rigging some 09 Icons I got, I am finding that I have to put more boom length (3-5cm) on than the recommended length to stop the outhaul being negative.

Am I just being a moron, or is there an obvious answer (it is specifically happening on a 4.7 and I am using one of the recommended masts).

Am I overdoing it on the downhaul, (I am following the 2/3rds loose rule between battons 1 and 2 from the rigging guide)?

The sails feel alright to me when I set them with more than the recommended boom length, and when I tried using less downhaul to try and keep within the outhaul settings, the sail didn't seem over keen to depower.

Any simmer icon 09 related tips gratefully received.
Clyde Waite
Re: Simmer Icon 2009 Outhaul
19 October '09 | 9:01am
Regarding 2009 Icons.
go for neutral outhaul, it has a cutaway so you dont actually need any and it might look a bit negative. Try rigging it up with neutral, then push on the belly of the sail and you will see how the outhaul tightens up. Putting too much on the 09 icons makes the leach too tight and sail too flat, consequently it doesnt twist off or power up effeciently.

Hope that helps
Re: Simmer Icon 2009 Outhaul
19 October '09 | 12:53pm
Might be worth taking a look at the rigging vid on the Simmer site... pretty helpful!


Just click 'icon' on the left hand side.

On my sails i go with about 1-2 cm of positive outhaul... (Depending on mast.. the boom size printed on the sail can be slightly under!)

Worth remembering everyone has there own style of sailing and rigging... how i like a sail rigged might not be how someone else likes it!!

But as a good guide the simmer site vid is spot on... well, he does design the sails!! haha

Happy sailing


Re: Simmer Icon 2009 Outhaul
19 October '09 | 5:00pm
Glad we agree on that one then Ben! Ben wears bright pink t shirts and is lighter than me, so makes sense.
Re: Simmer Icon 2009 Outhaul
19 October '09 | 8:04pm
Cheers guys!

I just wanted to make sure that I was in the right ballpark with it.

Having watched the video I think I might be putting a bit too much downhaul on which might be messing with how much boom length I actually need to stop the sail bunching at the clew (which is what has been happening when I've got the boom set to the recommended length), but I'll have a play with it tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks for answering so quick. I won't comment on the relative merits (or otherwise) of the bright pink "T"...


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