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Boardseeker waveboard tests?

Posted by Surfmeister 
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
14 December '09 | 5:59pm
adrian@boardseeker Wrote:
> Goose - glad to hear you got hold of a Kode 86 off
> the back of our test - I think you will like it!
> In your position, I would seriously consider a
> twin fin. If conditions are pretty flat, that
> Kode is good down to 4.2m sails (perhaps with a
> smaller fin) for bump and jump sailing. If its
> any windier or wavier, then a Twin will be just
> fine.
> We are getting pretty sold on the twin fin
> concept, particularly as this year the boards are
> getting more refined for straight line
> performance. They turn better off the top and
> also have a lot of control at the top end, which
> could be good for you as your smallest board...
> If you are thinking about the Tempo, you can see
> from my comments above that we are pretty fond of
> that board, so I dont think you will go wrong with
> it. I don't want to give too much away until our
> test is released, but there are a few others worth
> considering also..
> Good luck!

Thanks Adrian! Which of the other boards can I also consider if the main use (100%) is cross onshore 1-3 m waves?

Regards from a snowy Sweden,
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
14 December '09 | 6:02pm
Ok thanks. For tightning the fins should you tighten them finger tight or even tighter? Did you have any issues with the fins loosening? I read a post on the starboard forum about somone having to put cloth in the boxes to keep them in place?
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
22 December '09 | 5:40pm
adrian@boardseeker Wrote:
> Freeskiing - To answer your question about Quatro
> Quad vs Tempo, there is a big difference between
> them. I think (although I may be wrong in saying
> this) that we are the only mag in the World to
> have hold of the Quatro Quads so far. We have had
> them for nearly 2 months now and had quite a bit
> of timne on them (75 and 85 litre sizes).
> We are releasing a 'first impressions' of them in
> the next few days, so I don't want to get drawn
> into saying too much here, but you will find they
> are quite different to the Tempo (and also to the
> Rhythm).
> More to come soon!

Adrian...when are you expecting to have the test out...I'm desperate for a new board and my cash is burning a hole in my pocket tucked away from the girlfriends eyes!
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
23 December '09 | 2:25am
Just in regards to the 75 liter board test. The JP twin that is on the list, is that going to be the Jason Polakow version or Kauli?
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
8 January '10 | 1:00pm
Whatever happen to the test....?
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
9 January '10 | 1:51pm
Now I know that I wasn the only one wondering?? Any news??
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
10 January '10 | 2:16pm
After a lot of pondering I ordered the Quatro Tempo 76 which I think will be a great choice for my type of conditions. Can't wait to get it! Right now it is -10°C and snow on the west coast of Sweden......Thanx for the information on the Quatro Tempo, it helped to get the decision done! I am eager to read the complete test!

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Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
10 January '10 | 9:17pm
Sorry for the delay on this. Its the biggest test we have done yet (in terms of number of products and complexity) so is taking a little longer than I anticipated...

We are on it and will be out very very soon...
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
13 January '10 | 1:09pm
I am considering this test as the real benchmark, before buying a new board in the 80-85 litre range.
Now sounding, very tiresome, how soon, is very very soon? In couple of days or weeks away?

Best regards Daniel,
sorry for the impatience.
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
20 January '10 | 9:26am
I was also waiting for the test (as indicated before). Pretty much decided which boards (Quatro Quad/Tempo) I want to get but was hoping for some extra insight. I cannot wait much longer. Should I just order or can you tell me when this test will finally be published? If the answer is very, very soon, will it be this week, next week, the week after, next month??

Keep up the good work!
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
20 January '10 | 10:28am
Ok, firstly I am really sorry about the delay on this test.

Realistically, the test will be finished on Monday next week, but we need to allow manufacturers to see the review before going live (to give them opportunity to write 'official replies' etc), so i think a week on Monday would be a realistic release date.

In the meantime, I have a little something to offer. We have just released our review on the new Quatro Quad. Here is a link which will give you an idea of how we think the Quad fairs against the Tempo and Rhythm...

Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
20 January '10 | 2:57pm
Looking forward to some good reading....at last! :-))
ole timer
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
26 January '10 | 12:40pm
a good thing for the mag to see how much we are waiting for the tests ...

i want to get a new wave board ( a twin) for french south coast and i realy hesitate :
a quattro tempo or a goya twin ?

Can somebody help me ?
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
26 January '10 | 2:29pm
Hi ole timer

I cant comment on the quattro too much as i havent sailed one.. but .. whenever i see someone sailing one they seem to spend alot of time not planing.

I Sailed the Goya 74 twin all autumn and it exceeded my expectations- fast, early planing (85 kg with 5,3 no probs) loose and good for jumping. It seems well made so far.

I'm not sure the bigger goya twins are so good- both the uk paper magazines gave the 89 goya twin an absolute pasting.

If it was my money i'd buy the JP Kauli twin though.

Mad mark the sufshop manager
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
1 February '10 | 7:51am
adrian@boardseeker Wrote:
so i
> think a week on Monday would be a realistic
> release date.

So Adrian, any time soon?
The Quattro Quad / twin test was really insightfull I put of my purchase decision a bit longer to wait for the rest of the test....

Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
3 February '10 | 8:20am
Hi again,

I told my "sponsor" that I will wait for this test, before ordering a new board.
Told him 12 days ago, in 10 days the test will be here(read monday 2 days ago).
So what day will it be??, starting to lose my discount in his store, if I don't order soon.

Best regards,
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
3 February '10 | 11:25am
Hi Guys,

Once again, all I can do is apologise for the delay. We really are working hard to get this one out, but have had a lot of other things happening in the back ground.

The test is written up now and its simply a case of getting it online and allowing the manufacturers to view their own reports before going live.

In the meantime, I am happy to answer any specific questions on the boards if that helps.

In future we are planning to change the way we do these tests a bit. Testing 10 products and releasing them all in one go is such a mammoth job (to do properly) that we are always struggling to get the tests out early enough - particularly with the unreliability of UK conditions...we have had only one day on the water in the last 6 weeks! In future we plan to split the larger groups into mini-tests of 4 or so products and get them out a lot quicker.

Apologies once again for the lengthy delay on this one and thank you very much for your patience.

ole timer
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
3 February '10 | 6:16pm
Thank's for these informations , in fact i have to choose a board for wave riding , a goya twin or a quatro ...
i sail usually in the south of France , brutal beach , my weight is 75 ..( or a little more after Xmas ..) and i am rather experienced...

This board will be used in good conditions : more that 18/20 knts, side on , often gusty and lulls ...and waves 1m to mast high

can you give me good argues for the choice ?
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
10 February '10 | 7:34am
I hope the credibility of the test is significantly higher compared to your time schedules....it is almost 2 months since your first planned release date!
Re: Boardseeker waveboard tests?
10 February '10 | 9:19am
Hi Ole Timer,

If your choice is between the Goya Twin and the Quatro (Rhythm), both boards are great for proper down the line riding, but there are other boards worth considering if you sail mainly in cross on conditions and gusty winds...are you able to consider other brands, or only Quatro and Goya?

The main difference between the two (Rhythm and Goya) is that the Goya sits lower in the water and has more grip through the turns. It has the grippiest bottom turn of any twin fin we have sailed. However in smaller waves and lighter winds, the Goya can be hard work to keep the speed going through turns whereas the Quatro holds its speed a bit better and gives more option to grip or slide through the top turn.

The Quatro is an amazing all-round wave board with a bias towards better riding conditions. The Goya is a board that seems to be focused on riding conditions and the bigger, better and faster the wave, the more it comes into its own.

Both boards take a bit to get them going compared with others in test (the Goya being the hardest of the two), so if you sail in very gusty condtions, you may again be better of choosing one of the other boards...


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