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2010 Freestyle boards

Posted by metwo 
2010 Freestyle boards
7 December '09 | 9:46pm
Hi Clones,
Are you guys going to test the 2010 Freestyle boards anytime soon?
Re: 2010 Freestyle boards
3 January '10 | 6:44pm
Just buy a skate, the new ones are unbelieveably sick.
Re: 2010 Freestyle boards
4 January '10 | 12:21am
hows the new tabou twinser freestyle? looks cool but does it have any real benefits to it???
Re: 2010 Freestyle boards
4 January '10 | 2:42pm
The chillis have always been great. Is the new Rodeo classified as a freestyle?
Re: 2010 Freestyle boards
17 January '10 | 1:35pm
I bought the new Tabou Twister 100. Only had the chance to sail it for one session before winter hit and gave us freezing temperatures and snow for weeks. The session I had was perfect flat water, gusty wind, but perfect for my Reverb 5.2.

The board has a lively feel to it. It pops with ease, and slides and rotate as a freestyle with a short fin should. The deck shape makes it possible to stay comfortably in the straps going up wind. I´m used to running 16 to 20cm fins on my 100 liters freestyle boards.This makes going up wind special. With two 16cm fins the Tabou goes up wind much better than a single fin. In this one session I found myself up wind much earlier than I´m used to and that put me in a position to do more moves. It felt early going, but I was sailing alone so I had no comparison.
Carving was also nice. I had no problem going for strapped 360s with speed.

I´m looking forward to a little warmer weather to explore it more. My first impression is that it takes the advantage of a short fin single freestyle but has better up wind capability.


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