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Glass Half Empty or Half Full

Posted by SHEETIN 
Glass Half Empty or Half Full
14 December '09 | 2:55am
G'Day, BoardSeeker Clones

I had one of those days where you can look at what happened as a negative or positive.
The Negative being I snapped my 80 litre Acid but the positive is 2010 boards are out and Im in the market.
Now wanting to replace with something in similar volume and have a liking towards the JP and Fanatic boards.

The 82 litre Polakow twinser looks fantastic and is some what similar in the shape (ie pin tail).
Just wondering whats your view is on the new fin shape used on the Polakow twinser.
On first apparences they are very different and break the mould for a fin design use in wave conditions more slalom/freestyle shape.
How does this board compare with rest of the twisers in the market as I have found no comparsion tests or reviews only the information JP put out.

The Happy Shopper
Re: Glass Half Empty or Half Full
14 December '09 | 11:54am
Hard luck on snapping your board! But I guess if you ever needed an excuse to buy a new board....!

Ok, to be perfectly honest, we havent had a chance to try a comparison test with these fins yet as part of the magazine testing. However I know a Clone who has spent some time trying them, so I will check with them and come back to you with what they found....

The full Boardseeker 75 litre wave board test will be released very shortly, so stay tuned for that...

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Re: Glass Half Empty or Half Full
14 December '09 | 9:31pm
Great and Thanks!!

I will look forward to hearing what your clone has to say about the performance of the different fin design.

I guessing when you say full 75 litre wave board test you are going to include the Polakow twinser against the Kauli twinny as I don't know any other brand with 2 different twins in their board range.
Anyway I will be looking forward to the board tests.


Happy Shopper
Phil h
Re: Glass Half Empty or Half Full
14 December '09 | 9:48pm

I've used these fins and various other fin designs in all shapes and sizes on all kinds of boards, so, hopefully i can help shed a bit of light and give you some help here...

The upright fin - Fantastic fins...... absolutely brilliant, for the right board in the right conditions..... i tend to use these on my bigger boards in more ideal conditions, the run down is something like this... Upright fin gives a very high top speed and great control at high speed to boot, they also have a very loose feel to it, by this i mean it's incredibly easy to initiate and alter the turn on it.
Obviously you can't have it all good, there has to be a trade off somewhere.. the fins to me work very well in most conditions with the exception of in turbulent white water conditions or when excessively driven on the back foot of a board, where then they can spin out or loose grip giving a slightly more slippery and unstable feel to the board.
That's why they are paired with the polakow twinser, instead of the Kauli twinser.. The upright fin is ideal for a board designed for higher speeds on big fast waves where it needs to be easy to turn and turns are generally driven off the front foot using the rails of the board.
Having said that, i have experimented and got great results using the upright fin on my kauli twins in side and side off conditions
on my bigger boards, they gave a very loose feel in quality waves and i really found benefits in the speed and acceleration of them.. i didn't experience any negatives of what i suggested before as the waves were generally smaller and clean....

I would recommend them for everything except very choppy, white water, bolt onshore conditions where the traditional swept back fin will give better flow and stability over the foil in those conditions..

hope this helps...


Re: Glass Half Empty or Half Full
15 December '09 | 6:39pm
> The full Boardseeker 75 litre wave board test will
> be released very shortly, so stay tuned for
> that...

Adrian....have you tested singles or just twinnys? Im intersted in the Chango's 2010 but am struggling to find any reviews on these.
Re: Glass Half Empty or Half Full
16 December '09 | 8:32am
How soon is soon.
Are we talking months or weeks until all the test are done.

And Yes, me being the helpful guy and all I'd be happy to be one of your tester, just send me the boards. With 20 plus years experience you couldn't go wrong. The only problem being its Summer time at the moment and good waves can be a bit hard to find :-]
old skool
Re: Glass Half Empty or Half Full
16 December '09 | 10:14am

regarduing the fins what you are saying is that the narrow upright fins will give you higher performance (speed,looseness etc) when saield properly in "smooth water" conditions where you arent "shocking" the back foot too much. But in more turbulent waters the extra base width of the traditional fins means you can boot them more roughly before they break out, but they are not as fast or loose.
Bit like narrow VS wide base slalom fins really?
Enjoy cape town.
phil h
Re: Glass Half Empty or Half Full
17 December '09 | 8:06am
i see what you're saying on that but if you lie a swept back and upright fin on top of each other you won't see too much difference in the base width. I think the stability bonus is achieved by the fin being swept back, giving the water a longer time connected to the surface of the fin, the water effectively is in contact with the fin longer making it more difficult to break out... thus also making it less manouverable.....


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