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Quatro First Impressions Test

Posted by Shingly 
Quatro First Impressions Test
21 January '10 | 8:23pm
Guys - good job on the Quatro twinzers vs quad test. Just what we have been looking for.

However, the test would be even better if there was a single fin in the mix. You tested the Quatro FSW 85 recently - any chance of an update to the test to say how you think that compares to the Tempo etc?

Re: Quatro First Impressions Test
24 January '10 | 11:02pm
Did you test the quad in a twin configuration?
Re: Quatro First Impressions Test
16 February '10 | 11:45pm
Keith Teboul (shaper) sent us some guide-lines on trim and mentioned that the Quads are being sailed with slightly narrower stances, with mast tracks and foot straps set slightly further back than on twins. More on this later...

doesn't this sound rather counterintuitive?
Re: Quatro First Impressions Test
17 February '10 | 10:23am
Are they on a bung from the quatro importer or am i just paranoid??

Re: Quatro First Impressions Test
17 February '10 | 10:28am
this is a quotation from the FIRST IMPRESSIONS TEST .......
Re: Quatro First Impressions Test
18 February '10 | 7:17am
Hi Guys,

No we havent tried the Quad as a Twin fin set up yet - it isnt actually designed to be used as this - but will try and give it a spin in the next few weeks and let you know.

Re. Keiths comments, I'm not sure why you think they are counter-intuitive?


Re: Quatro First Impressions Test
18 February '10 | 7:21am
Hi Shingly, you will find the Quads quite different to a single fin in the way they ride (particularly vs the FSW). The single fins tend to ride a lot higher in the water, more free and more off the fin, whereas the Quads are more planted in the water and ride less off the fins.

Our wave test will have a full comparison of single vs twin vs quads, but basically, you will find the Tempo a bit more wave orientated than a FSW. Almost the same as comparing a single fin wave board with a FSW (freestyle wave), but the Tempo turns a bit better on a wave.



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