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north sails ice 2010

Posted by loki 
north sails ice 2010
30 January '10 | 9:33am
Hey just a really quick and hopefully simple question...Ive got a few of the North Sails 2010 Ice sails and all of then rig beautifully on my north rdm mast and north boom...apart from my 5.7 ice.. I cant work it out and have tried everything but I keep getting 2 really soft creases running vertical between the lower batten and the one above it the position is pretty much exactly where the hts sticker is...any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks heaps
Mike Burns
Re: north sails ice 2010
30 January '10 | 6:40pm
I don't have a 5.7 Ice, but my 5.3 and down rig fine on my NoLimitz masts. This may sound silly, but did you adjust the batten tension tight enough on the 5.7? Also, I think it was the 2005 sails? the same wrinkles were there on the larger sizes. Wen the sails were under power the wrinkles would go away. Supposedly they were designed to fill out with wind in them. I don't own a 5.7 Ice but my 2010 5.9 Duke doesn't have the wrinkles you're talking about. Anyway, make sure you check the batten tension.
Re: north sails ice 2010
31 January '10 | 8:54am
Hey Mike, thanks heaps for your reply! Yeah batten tension is all good and the sail feels really good and the wrinkles go under power, just found it a little strange..i'll keep tweaking and see if i get any changes!
Re: north sails ice 2010
28 July '10 | 7:40pm
slight power takes you high….compactness of the sail helps you revolve with rotations…brilliant for shorter and tighter turns on the wave…stable down the line…it can force a real slashy move…power stays right in your hands throwing the sail forward off the lip…one of the favorite sails…feel is crisp, light and compact: everything you need..”


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