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selection of wave sail

Posted by terzakis george 
terzakis george
selection of wave sail
7 March '10 | 7:41pm
For some years now i have choose the zone of neilpryde (4.0 - 4.5 - 5.0) for wave sailing. I would like to ask if the mission x of simmer is similar. Thanks in advance for your answer.
Another mags tester
Re: selection of wave sail
8 March '10 | 2:00pm
Im sure Adrian will agree with me when i say they are almost polar opposites. The Zone is all about a light feel and smooth control. The Simmers have a much "pullier" feel , not a bad thing in itself but very very different.

If you want a really releasey easy light feel stick with the pryde (or maybe gaastra manic) or if you want a really solid feeling sail (in terms of the way it pulls) them the Simmers are ideal.

Good luck
Re: selection of wave sail
8 March '10 | 3:59pm
Hi there,

I work for GOYA Windsurfing. Maybe it would be worth looking at the GOYA sails. WE have two this year; the GURU and the ECLIPSE. The Guru is a great sail if you want something that is super strong but a little lighter in the hands, quicker to release and forward pulling. It's perfect for really strong winds when you don't want it to be giving you any nonsense.

Our other sail is the Eclipse. Levi's worked hard on this one. It's nice and powerful getting you planing early BUT unlike a lot of sails doesn't loose it when overpowered. It responds well to downhaul allowing you to crank it on when the wind gets stronger.

Anyhow, enough of the 'sail' pitch. If you want to try one out drop me a line 07812 399723 or murray@zerogravitydistribution.co.uk.

Hope to see you all on the water soon! (i think next week is looking better!)


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