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JP 2009 vs 2010 Twinser. Differences in how the sail?

Posted by wstt 
JP 2009 vs 2010 Twinser. Differences in how the sail?
8 March '10 | 7:08pm
JP 2009 Twinser vs 2010 twinser
Can you make any comments about the JP 2009 vs 2010 Twinser since you guys seem to be the only to have tested both of the these in the 75 liter range? (I'd wait for your test results to come out, but I need to purchase soon.)

Does one seem to plane quicker as I noticed the 2010 has smaller fins?
Would you say there is much of a difference in their jumping ability?

I'm 68kgs and trying to find a board in the 40-5.3 range that will be stable enough subplaning out to a wind line, but not too big for my weight when it's truly 4.5 on down. I'd say the conditions I'd use it in are about 1/3 cross on, 1/3 cross off, & 1/3 bump & jump. I love jumping but also want the board not to limit down the line riding.
Thanks for any help on this.
...Uhhhh ... which 2010 Twin are you talking about ..... they have 2 now ..... KS & JP.. not that I have ridden either so, mute point.... but clones will surely ask - if they ever reply..
south coast sailor
Re: JP 2009 vs 2010 Twinser. Differences in how the sail?
10 March '10 | 8:35pm
I have the 82 polakow twin from surfladle shoreham and like it, :-)

heres what I reken, I set the mast foot quite forward and the fins back a little, straps forward too, it seams better when you turn off your front foot more, the board turns better the faster you go, it does have a certain rate of turn not quite as tighter turn as my Mistral twin but when turning on your back side my god does it grip...

one thing I really notice is when dropping in on waves it will not slide off the face of the wave until you turn, only board I've sailed to do this I guess thats the concave in the rails

I like it for 5.0 powered sailing and when the wind picks up it seems to really settle in, I think it will sail well with a bigger sail probably really well with a 5.8 (I've not used any bigger than 5.0). 4.5 is def the smallest sail I'd use then change down board I'm 12.5 stone

jumping is pretty good for a twin with the rocker trough the tail you can drive the speed quite fast for jumping, really easy to control and steer in the air, I've very nearlly landed some more backies on this board

I hope this is some sort of help,
You mean the JP single fin. Think it is the only twin that has intentially been designed to sail like a single. You get on it for the first time and you think it's easy to sail as it's been designed to sail the same as the boards you've been using for the last 15 years... Go for a proper twin, one that has been designed to ride like one.
South coast sailor
Re: JP 2009 vs 2010 Twinser. Differences in how the sail?
11 March '10 | 10:13am
thought it might have been useful for anybody considering one as there has not been a test yet, I'm not fussed what fin it has in the bottom just how it sails and I quite like it... and it's still in one piece which is a bonus


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