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JP 2010 Wave versus 2009 RWW differences?

Posted by wstt 
JP 2010 Wave versus 2009 RWW differences?
26 March '10 | 5:04pm
Thanks for finally posting the wave test 2010. How comparable are the results from last years test to this years or are they not because the twins have elevated the bar in terms of scoring?

Can you recall any differences in how the 2009 RWW II 74 seemed to sail compared to the WAVE 75 in terms of planing, going down the line, and ease of sailing when way overpowered (for the few days when a smaller board should be used, but I don't have one.)

I noticed the JP 2009 RWW II 74 scored higher on the charts than the 2010 Wave 75 in terms of all the categories, Get up and go, Jumping, Cross-on riding, Cross-off riding. The RWW 74 scored like 9.5 bars across the chart while the 2010, scored from 8 to a little over 9. Even in "User Range" as the RWW 2009 went from -5 to +4 while the 2010 goes from -5 to only +3.

I thought about a twin, but many of the days are just good bump and jump days and I love to jump, and the drive off the fin.
I'm trying to determine if the 2010 really is really worth an extra $500 (£330) and it would be great if one of the testers could comment on this.

Re: JP 2010 Wave versus 2009 RWW differences?
29 March '10 | 2:39pm
Thanks for your posting re. comparing test results from this years test to last years. Its an important point that's well worth us clarifying...

Actually results can never be compared from test to test. It is only ever possible for us to compare the boards in front of us at any one time, so therefore make no attempt to rank them relative to last years boards or boards from another test.

The boards are only scored against those in test as a way of illustrating how they compare and how much difference we feel there is between them. eg we may have 2 boards that are much faster than the rest which are all pretty similar.

It would be unfair for us to speculate the differences between last years JP RWW and this years Wave as its over a years since we used the previous board - it was also compared against different boards within the test. We do know however that JP aimed to improve the turning potential of the RWW particularly in choppier, windy conditions....

Overall, as you have e-mailed me and mentioned in your mail that your current board is 10 years old, I think the difference you notice between these two JP boards will be nearly insignificant compared to the difference you are going to notice when you upgrade to one of them. If money is an issue, get the one you get the best deal on and then spend the spare cash upgrading some of your other equipment!

Good luck - I am pretty sure that you are going to love the new board!

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