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Fins for pozo

Posted by eddy931 
Fins for pozo
14 April '10 | 3:35pm
Im going to pozo in early july and have the fanatic 79 twin which comes with 16cm fins im wondering what fins to get as a smaller set.

What do people reckon to these Maui Ultra Fins, they look an odd shape, maybe wont work on more turbulant conditions.

i will be taking 5.0 to 3.7,

Re: Fins for pozo
12 May '10 | 8:09am
Hops 79l is a little big in Pozo. If you find the right season you can take 50 knots every day. My be is ok in Vargas.
Hope this help
Mikey Thruthteller
Re: Fins for pozo
14 June '10 | 10:55am
I strongly reccomend You to buy Yourself a 3.3 or even smaller (Loft has 3.1 as I remember or MS has a 2.9).

With 72 kg You can get a hard time sailing on 3.7 during some atomic Pozo days which happen quite often on summer.

If it comes to board I think that 72 - 74 is the biggest You should have for Pozo however I would not be so comfy with 5.0 (if You'll have the opportunity to take it out of Your quiver).

Big Eddy
Re: Fins for pozo
14 June '10 | 7:14pm
The truthteller is right.

You need:

a 3.5 TOPS as a smallest sail (and the correct mast)
a 70 liter MAX board.

Forget sepending $200 on fins go get a battered evo 70 or Jp RWW 68 and a 3.5 and you'll rock.

Have a wicked time im stuck in the uk all summer

Re: Fins for pozo
15 June '10 | 10:59am
Have you looked at K4 fins. I have a set and they're great...and only £44.95!!! although not been much wind what i have experienced has been good. I spoke to the guys who have been working on them and they sound like they are the business. check out Steve Thorps site for more info. I brought mine from Boylos.co.uk... got them next day and free delivery. really great!
Re: Fins for pozo
15 June '10 | 5:44pm
I'm going to be in Pozo 20th June til the 12th July, I'm taking a Fanatic New Wave 75 and Vandal Enemies 3.7, 4.2, and 5.0 (just in case). Chances are that in my three weeks I wont get to use my 5.0m....

I went for three months in summer 07, and Used a 3.4 a lot, but I've got a 3.7 this time as I now weigh about 8Kg more (78Kg), and a lot of the time in 2007 I was sailing on a 3.4 when others were on 3.7's, and noticed that they were getting through the lulls a lot better than I would.

75L is a bit too big, I'd go for a 67L. But Lack of funds means I'll now be sticking to a 75L... I used 73L last time, should be fine. though 79 is pushing it a bit
Pozo Taxi Service : - )
16 June '10 | 9:46am
How much do people reckon a taxi from the airport to pozo will be (afternoon prices)????
Re: Pozo Taxi Service : - )
16 June '10 | 11:26am
Normal price is 25 euro for a van/minivan

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