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Goya FXR-S 116 board

Posted by jumanus 
Goya FXR-S 116 board
5 May '10 | 2:43pm

Do you tested the fastest freeride from Goya (FXRS 116)? or do you will?
Best from Goya freeride boards always has been control, but is it really fast?
(compared with the others fast freeride boards like Eagle or Futura)

Re: Goya FXR-S 116 board
6 May '10 | 6:29am
Quote from the test of Goya FXR 125:

"In terms of raw speed, its one of the slower boards in this test, but it is a comfortable blaster and doesn’t feel slow. You would be happy covering distance on this board and the rougher conditions get, the more glad you will be that you chose the Goya.

The board is more competitive off the wind than it is upwind, where a bigger fin will help."

See the whole test here: [www.boardseekermag.com]
Re: Goya FXR-S 116 board
7 May '10 | 3:16pm
Thanks for your reply, but I'm asking for Goya FXRS 116 not FXR 125.

I have read that test and is well known that Goyas there aren't the fastest freeride boards.
But this new for 2010 FXRS is faster than any other Goya according at their website.
The question is: how much faster? and how it compare with Eagles or Futuras...

Anybody know?
Re: Goya FXR-S 116 board
12 May '10 | 3:28pm

Where are you clones????

I am waiting for an answer... Even if it's: "we haven't tried the FXRS then we can't compare to the others freerides"

Re: Goya FXR-S 116 board
13 May '10 | 8:52am
I'm afraid we haven't had a chance to try an FXRS yet, so cant really comment.

Re: Goya FXR-S 116 board
13 May '10 | 11:39am

I have used the FXRS a number of times and i can give me biased opinion if you would like?

I found that the FXRS is a really quick and comfortable board to use. It's quick off the mark, planes early and easy to control. The great thing about this board is it's quick but unlike other slalom orientated boards it's still easy to put in a nice gybe at the end.

I was also really impressed with the sail range of the board. I had an 8.2 on it and it was pretty comfortable.

If you need more info , and a less pro goya opinion then boards mag has tested this board. You should be able to pick up a full report from them.

Any help i can be just wing me an email.

Re: Goya FXR-S 116 board
14 May '10 | 3:25pm
Ok, thanks very much!


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