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Quattro Quad 75 or 85?

Posted by Johny 
Quattro Quad 75 or 85?
17 June '10 | 9:52am
Hi everyone!

I want to change my waveboard for a new one. I use an 80 liter single fin but as it has 2 seasons now I want to change it.

I was thinking about a twin fin or a quad however I wonder what size I should chose. I am 77kg and sail mainly in euroconditions (baltic sea). I wuld like to use it with 5.0, 4.5 and 4.0

My main question is if the quad will plain early in light 5.0 conditions (for me it's 17-18 knots to go on my current 80l board). I don't know if it's gonna be good to buy the bigger one as it is quite big (85 liters) however it's dimensions are similar to my current waveboard (234x57.3), Maybe extra 5 liters will help to get planning faster in lightwinds?

If anyone used the quad it will be really helpful for me to get some advice.

Re: Quattro Quad 75 or 85?
17 June '10 | 9:54am
I would also like to know how it behaves overpowered as on the spots I sail on the wind is often very gusty and can pick up fast.
Re: Quattro Quad 75 or 85?
17 June '10 | 11:39am
Hopefully this might help: [www.boardseekermag.com]
Re: Quattro Quad 75 or 85?
1 July '10 | 6:18pm
I think you must to buy the 85, because for your wind conditions is the best one. I have both and I preffer de 85 because it is easily to plain, and you surf like with a 65 litres. When you sail with the 85 you know the volume because it is write on the board, but the timming is like an smoller one

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