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cam sails.
30 August '10 | 3:38pm
Hi, i have an 8.8 cam sail. I get it nicely set up, with the cam on the mast, but when i take it out in the water, the one cam keeps popping out?

any ideas. tks peter
Re: cam sails.
30 August '10 | 8:04pm
More outhaul, more downhaul or add a cam spacer to the camber that keeps popping out.

If that doesnt help: Which of the cambers is it and how many cambers are there? Which sail is it? Do you use the recommended mast?

Good luck smiling smiley
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Re: cam sails.
30 August '10 | 8:34pm
more outhaul will pull the cam away from the mast making it easier to pop out, so it wouldnt help at all, try more batten tension if you see any wrinkles at all along that batten pocket.
Re: cam sails.
2 September '10 | 11:56am
They can pop out as a result of to little outhaul or too little downhaul. I prefer my racesails with minimum outhaul, and sometimes the cambers pop out because of that.
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Re: cam sails.
3 September '10 | 5:24am
you need to put more downhaul on your sail then, race sails take almost neutral outhaul in my experiance...

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