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2011 Severne S-1

Posted by Wsurfn 
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
13 September '10 | 2:36pm
Hi Robby, yes that is a miss print - well spotted.

The Pryde Combat was tested on a 370 X combat mast, whilst the Simmer Icon was used on a Simmer RDM10 mast.

I see that the sail dimensions are also wrong for those 2 sails, although the prices are correct. Here are the corrected figures:

Luff: 390cm
Boom: 163cm
Weight: 3.37kg

Luff: 411cm
Boom: 159cm
Weight: 3.6kg

Apologies for that.

Re: 2011 Severne S-1
20 September '10 | 8:43am
come on - it is already the 20th..

"and then the whole test and manufacturers' answerbacks will be freely available here at Boardseeker.com from 17 September 2010."
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
20 September '10 | 8:52am
the 17th might have been an error on my part - sorry! i was working from boards magazine being available from very early this month, whereas it didn't finally come out until last week. and the deal is we leave a fortnight before publishing on here.

i'm hoping to get permission to run it on boardseeker this week though.
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
20 September '10 | 3:49pm
Im a bit surprised that the severne got marked down on top end when there was the goya and simmer in the test - both renowned for being pully , top heavy and backhandy .
('parrently some muppets like sails like that ;-)
Me - id go for the S1 (or the fly2 if youd tested it)
And ive not got OCD - it's not just about them having numbers - they just feeeel better.

little eddie (duuuude)
will b
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
23 September '10 | 11:22am
Check out the German Surf mag test result... S1 is a test winning sail...

Re: 2011 Severne S-1
23 September '10 | 8:54pm
they also state that is is now more backhanded
and is best in low to medium winds.
wonder if it has enough stability overpowered
what i liked with the '09 models (range!)

Re: 2011 Severne S-1
24 September '10 | 7:02am
The question in my mind is does this mean you need more sails in your quiver with reduced spacings or is it just a case of on those days when the wind picks up and you should really change down from your 5.2 to a 4.7, but its late and you cant be arsed, so just hang on you would not be able to do so? If the latter thats a negative but not a significant problem to me, if the first an extra sai ils a lot more cash and would put me off buying S1s. Anyone able to answer that?
Al Bentley
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
24 September '10 | 9:25am
or it means that you should be using a smaller sail than other brands because the S1's are lighter/more powerful, so in a test of 4.2/4.7m sails it might have made more sense to compare the 4.3 S1 rather than the 4.7 in the same wind conditions to the rest of the brands.

I use 2010 S1s with a quiver of 3.7, 4.3, 5.0 and 5.6. There is never a time where I said I wish I had a 4.7 or something, so I don't think the fact the sails are more suited to lighter winds means you need to buy an extra sail.

Am getting my 2011 ones soon so will let you know!

Re: 2011 Severne S-1
25 September '10 | 4:44pm
hi testclones;

Severne S-1 "Test mast: Severne Enigma 400cm RDM 100%"
shouldn't it be the redline 400 rdm mast - typo?

another point: was dany bruch around to help find the perfect trimm?

Al Bentley
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
25 September '10 | 5:07pm
Enigma mast is an SDM, so not sure how they managed to rig the S-1 on it as it only uses RDM...
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
28 September '10 | 8:00am
hi adrian,

no answer on the mast / trimm question?

regarding trimm i found that you had to find the
exact right downhaul on the '09 models.
the sail doesn't like a 'baggy' lightwind trimm
(coe backhanded, less drive, feels 'heavy') ,
but is very efficient in a rather flat trimm.
similar at strong winds - the sail doesn't like
to be overtrimmed, but is very stable with just
slightly more downhaul.
most of the trimming i do with the outhaul,
but even there just minimal changes!

any comments if this has changed with the
new '11 models?

smiling smiley chris
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
2 October '10 | 10:19am
ok, ben severne gave the answer in the reply section:

"The S-1 works better even in lighter winds with more downhaul and outhaul. (Enough downhaul to pull the lower battens back to the middle of the mast, and enough outhaul to then pull the battens to within 1cm of the back of the mast.)"

good to hear that it migth have been a trimming issue.
now it is just a matter of preference between the S-1
and the BLADE, since the latter now got lighter with
hightech materials too!
Re: 2011 Severne S-1
20 November '10 | 6:39pm

any feedback from S-1 2011 owners about the sail?
(upper range, how do the sizes, characteristics
compare to the '09/'10 models?)


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