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wave sail test 2010

Posted by snappersteve 
wave sail test 2010
25 September '10 | 5:34pm

Thanks for another informative test.

Just a quick question on un tuned range, I understand what you mean by it and believe it would be v useful in gusty typical uk spots in particular Gwithian

Do you think all sailors benefit equally from this or would it be of greater importance to light or heavy sailors?

I was thinking it might be of greater benefit to light weights such as myself
Re: wave sail test 2011
25 September '10 | 5:36pm
sorry title should read 2011 wave sail test
Re: wave sail test 2011
27 September '10 | 1:22pm
Thanks for the question Snappersteve...

I think untuned range is applicable to all weights of sailors who sail in gusty/fluctuating conditions.

Basically, a sail with good untuned range, will cope both underpowered and overpowered with the one setting. This means that for example, when the wind gusts, you may be able to get better performance if you come in and re-tune, but you don't have to - the sail will still work efficiently in its current set.

A sail with poor untuned range feels like whenever the wind gusts or lulls, you need to re-tune the sail to suit. Ie it might get very backhanded and baggy in the gusts and perhaps feel twitchy in the lulls.

I don't think sailor weight is too consequential, but the conditions that you sail in are. Generally the UK is more suited to sails with better untuned range.

I hope that helps,

Re: wave sail test 2011
27 September '10 | 1:25pm
Snappersteve....just as an after thought (which you may have already realised), when it comes to sailor weight, the bottom end/top end graph is probably the most applicable. A sail with good top end will be more applicable to lighter weight sailors as the sail remains stable, light and controllable at the top end. You probably wont need the real grunty bottom end performance that more heavyweight riders will.
Re: wave sail test 2011
27 September '10 | 10:32pm
Did you know that in 'manufacturer claims' for the Tushingham Rock, you quote brochure detail for the Thunderbird range (T4) – which is another sail?

The idea of separating tuneable range and 'untuned range' is good.
Tunable range is how you can change power delivery by tweaking downhaul and outhaul.
Untuned range is what many designers call 'dynamic sail range' or how it reacts on auto-pilot to different wind strengths.

The weight of the sailor does make a difference in that a heavier sailor will hang on to the sail in stronger winds, and choose a bigger sail in lighter conditions.

So the heavier sailor applies more load to any rig, bending the mast sideways more under load.
As we set the sail with an open head to anticipate this sideways bend (which re-tightens the leech) heavier sailors generally have to set any sail with more downhaul, to achieve appropriate sheeting angles to the wind from head to foot.
In other words, heavier sailors ned to set their sails with more twist or a looser leach on the beach.
Which (I think) means they get less of a tunable range than do lighter sailors.
Re: wave sail test 2011
9 October '10 | 11:30am
HI Adrian

Am I right in my test result understanding that 2009 combats have better un-tuned range than 2010 but 2011 have improved this back to level of 2009?


not a clone
Re: wave sail test 2011
9 October '10 | 11:46am
In 2010 they decreased the skin tension of the combat (compared to 09) to allow it to go neutral faster more easily - this made it a touch less "locked in" and probably did decrease untuned range.
For 2011 we see skin tension more akin to the '09 sail - but with the improvements (shorter luff, compact clew) it should have better untuned range and better on/off power control.

Re: wave sail test 2011
9 October '10 | 4:01pm
just some back ground

i am 68kg and looking to replace my 2005 zone, i like this sail but the power dose come on in an abrupt manner and it is not the most comfortable in chop / gusty conditions

I have used 2008 combat 5.3 and find it v forgiving in gusty/choppy conditions but a bit soft at times perhaps not as direct as i would like when initiating bottom turn..

so i am thinking of buying 4.2+4.7 combats 2009 or 2010, sounds like 2009 would be better all round option but not as good as 2010 for wave riding, is this a valid conclusion?

2011 best of both worlds but too expensive


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