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Quad or Twin for bigger sailor?

Posted by jjma 
Quad or Twin for bigger sailor?
24 October '10 | 2:32pm
Listening to your Tiree Podcast I was interested to hear the pura vida rider talking about his moo custom quad. Being the same size and height I'm interested to know a) why the quads are a better board for the bigger sailor to a twin b) what brands have the clones tested that they could recommend for side shore / cross off conditions - do custom makers offer a better solution?


Re: Quad or Twin for bigger sailor?
25 October '10 | 11:46am
After talking to Jim, the Pura Vida owner you saw on the video, in Tiree he explained that a larger board means a wider board, and therefore with 4 fins you always have at least 2 gripping and driving for you in a tight turn. Which makes sense really. His board is indeed built by, or with, Moo but I think he's planning to do all the work himself once his workshop is ready, as he shapes surfboards anyway.

All very interesting, he's a very passionate guy and it sounds as though he'll have something a little different to offer compared to other custom boards and larger brands that don't really cater for this area of the market. I for one will be looking for a test ride on one of his larger boards for sure.
Re: Quad or Twin for bigger sailor?
25 October '10 | 7:55pm
Interesting to know he's a surfboard shaper where alot of ideas are coming from for the new quads. Did he say what range of wave the board can be used in - the day on Tiree looked ideal for that width of board?


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Re: Quad or Twin for bigger sailor?
2 November '10 | 5:55pm
Talking to Jim again at the Cornwall event he said that he'd used the board in a really wide range of wind and wave conditions, and we also talked about the real possibility of having just a two board quiver to cover all sailing locations in the uk too. I currently get away with this by using a 82 twinser and 96 FSW but I'd much rather have a larger dedicated wave board and then tailor the other board to suit windier conditions, which the 82 pretty much does anyway (I'd probably get him to make two so they both match, my OCD kicking in!)

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