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Sail test

Posted by Alex B 
Alex B
Sail test
27 November '10 | 9:01am
How come you guys don't test Ezzy?
Re: Sail test
27 November '10 | 11:57am
we included ezzy in tests at the beginning of this year, but david ezzy withdrew the brand from review with us last summer hence there are none in this current round of tests.
Re: Sail test
27 November '10 | 10:00pm
Did David Ezzy give you a reason why?

Interested to know.

Alex B
Re: Sail test
29 November '10 | 9:05pm
Ok cheers. Shame that.
Re: Sail test
29 November '10 | 10:14pm
shame on You Ezzy!
happy bunny
Re: Sail test
30 November '10 | 10:11am
Could be because most of Adrian's Clones are sponsored riders.

Admittedly they are all sponsored riders from different brands so it shouldnt affect the test results.

But they will get the sails set up perfectley.

As far as i know Ezzy dont sponsor anyone in the uk apart from jem hall and he doesent test anymore - SHAME -

Maybe the uk ezzy distributor needs to support grass roots windsurfing a bit more ??

What goes around comes around and ezzys wont be on my shopping list (im too young for them anyhow - not gotmy bus pass:-)
Re: Sail test
30 November '10 | 12:02pm
James Cox is a sponsored Ezzy sailor who does well on the uk circuit.

Happy bunny
Re: Sail test
1 December '10 | 11:16am
Too true

Coxy is a decent sailor who is neither middle aged nor fat, has all his own hair and is articulate.

Maybe he had a specsavers moment when he ordered his sails :-)

Enjoy the snow

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