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supersport127 Review

Posted by steve 
supersport127 Review
27 April '11 | 10:01pm
Was wondering have you ever tested a Supersport 127 or intend to? I currently have a Futura 122 and enjoy it in most conditions but I do find it fairly unstable in heavy chop. I borrowed a 127 and even though it has more volume it handled the chop much better. Im 6ft 3 and 94kg so enjoyed having the extra volume of the supersport too. Just wondering your what your thoughts were on it with regard to speed, control, fin sizes etc.... The supersport I borrowed was a pro edition btw.
Re: supersport127 Review
18 May '12 | 1:47am
I don’t have any information about you’re the Supersport 127, but I was wondering how you felt about your jibes on your Futura. I’ve never done a fast planning jibe, and if I get a Futura, am I going to be at my wits end trying to pull off my first planning jibe?

BTW: One of the board comparison reviews I read about the Futura said it was a passive board rather than an active board and did fairly well in the chop compared to the other freerace boards.

Re: supersport127 Review
20 May '12 | 11:11am

I have tried a 136 pro super sport at OTC Tenerife I also tried a 122 and 133 Futura in the same time and conditions, heavy chop/ swell with a bit of racing. They where all 2010 editions what year is you Futrua?? I have found they have changed a lot over the last few years, they have got more freerace since the Carve came back out, and are much improved. I think that there is a big difference between my 2011 and the 2010 and 2008 versions that I have tried over the last few years.

I have since brought a 122 Carbon 2011 Futura. I much perfired the feel and speed of the Futura, I found if you move the mast back a bit it did help in the chop. I know that the 136 is that bit bigger but found it to be very cumbersome and I felt that I was always about to go over the front, it didn't feel that fast either.

I do find with the Futura that the fin that comes is a bit soft for me and will give under you at times, but I have sorted this with a better fin. Also you do need to be positive with it to get the best out of it, the harder you push the more you get. Jibes tend not to be to much of an issues, just be positive.

I'm 5 11 and 98kg's I tend to use my 7 and 8.2m sails on it I have used my 6.2m but I need to get a smaller fin for it.

Have you thought about a Fanatic Ray 130??
Re: supersport127 Review
20 May '12 | 3:30pm
The 2012 Futura is at the top of my list to purchase in the freeride – freerace board types if I can find one. I have three summers experience of sailing a 187 L beginner and a 102 L wave boards. The wave board is not suited for my location on lakes with a good wind day hitting 18 knots. If I were to rank my desires in a board: 1) speed in flat 2) easy of gybing 3) top end control 4) beginner carving. Being that I am still mostly a novice I feel I should mostly go with a more forgiving freeride, but I am afraid I will quickly out grow the board and want to go toward the racing end of board production. I’ve looked at the reviews about the Fanatic Ray and was not impressed about it’s gybing abilities compared to other manufactures. Number 2 on my wish list is Tabou Rocket and 3 is JP Xcite or Supersport. BTW I am a short and stocky 5 5 and 75 kgs. and feel like I may still need a board to float me through sub-planning gybe as I learn. The real decision I am having a hard time with is weather I should go with a freeride or freerace board.

I Didn’t know about OTC Tenerife or UK. I need to find something like that here in the USA.
Re: supersport127 Review
20 May '12 | 5:46pm
Hello Mark2006r6

I sail 50/50 on the coast and a local reservoir, so have the same issues as you with windless pockets and changeable weather. I would look at the 122 futura, I get on great with mine.

You still have the options for in board straps and a more swept back fin to help in the early stages, with then moving more towards the back and out board, then you can change the fin to a much faster speed/ slalom shape.



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