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Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85

Posted by CJC 
Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
21 May '11 | 6:10pm
Which board feels looser? Faster? I understand that the Quatro has a bit more tail kick, but the Goya has an earlier nose rocker rise. I've ridden the LS 85 and really like it, but wonder about the performance of the Goya relative to it? Thanks for any comments!
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
22 May '11 | 6:22pm
Get the 83 kt...
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
24 May '11 | 9:50pm
Mchop... Wrote:
> Get the 83 kt...

I have a narrow tailed, high rockered twin already for higher winds. I don't need the same in a quad at 84 L, so the KT is out. The question was which quad feels looser/ faster between the Quatro and Goya 85/84. I've narrowed my choice down between these two. Thanks!
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
25 May '11 | 8:12am
Having tried both...Quatro without a doubt...
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
25 May '11 | 9:54am
In my opinion he Goya quad 84L is a lot better than the LS gold quattro quad as it gets planning so much quicker and still grips as well through a turn whilst holding better speed into the top turn in onshore conditions. The LS is the oldest and the stickiest of these three quad shapes and it is not as good as the KT in any aspect despite the KT being labelled as the sideshore board, it is better all round than the LS.

The KT is a more advanced sailors board so you need to be honest about your ability and where you sail... if your level is anything short of advanced, ie pulling off aerials, and being comfortable on decent sized waves logo + etc then the Goya is better suited. If you sail anywhere with waves less than perfect ie south coast then the goya is better suited.

A way of looking at it is to remember a board like the Goya is easy to sail and will make a reasonable sailor look good whilst the quattro KT is more techincal to sail and if you don't have the advanced skills and the good sailing conditions with which to make the board excel it will easily make a good sailor look very average.

The bonus of the Goya quad is that it can still be ridden to a level that 99.9% of all sailors will never exceed so unless your Levi Siver this isn't an issue and the answer is pretty straight forward.

Iam sure some will like to disagree with this but having ridden all three in mixed conditions for a decent amount of time ... this is my opinion
Hope it helps ....
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
25 May '11 | 4:09pm
Thanks guys.

Interestingly, I'd heard that the Quatro was sticky, but I found it much freer than expected and fairly fast with the track back. I sail a mix of conditions ranging from side-on 2' gutless waves in strong wind to overhead waves with side/side off wind. Equal mix of jumping (loops), and riding. A fair bit of big swell,high wind bump and jump sailing gets thrown in the mix as well. This last bit is where I thought the Quatro would fall down, but worked quite well,coasting though lulls, boosting off of chop, and remaining pretty slashy for tight backside turns. This mix of conditions also prevents me from looking seriously at the KT, as much as I love the shape.

If the Goya outperforms the Quatro LS, I'll be a very happy man, as I've just ordered one. Thanks for the input.
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
26 May '11 | 2:48pm
I spoke to one of the uk quatro riders, said he thought it was all about weight, (he was a lttle guy), he didnt get on with the ls quad, but loved the kt one, iam 90 kgs so the green ones are out for me, not enough range, i used the goya 4 and have used and bought the ls quad, for me its much more "edgy!", if that makes sense.
That all being said King 1 fully rips on his goya quad, most defo one of the main hombre's on his day, he preferes that to all the others, but for me the kts too small, and the goya were a bit steady!
Ive just read that back, probably not much help at all, Ughh!.
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
29 May '11 | 7:45pm
I think that weight is a very important factor if it comes to quads. Lighter sailors should go for a KT, heavier should definitely go for the LS.

Guys who tried quatro (those who weigh 75 and less) said that the LS was to hard for them to cutback and they really had to push it hard. They prefered the KT quad much more.

Heavier guys (80+ kgs) prefered the LS as it supplied them with enough volume and float to go in gusts and holes and still they could cutback with some margin of power through the whole turn.
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
31 May '11 | 1:00pm
Reading the waveboard test from Boardseeker featuring the Quatro KT I was surprised that they found the KT to be not as 'hard core' as some of you say. I thought it would obviously shine in DTL conditions but drop off steeply in average uk prevailing conditions.

Like the poster I'm in a similar scenario as to which board to go for.

Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
7 June '11 | 1:40pm
Haplessly barging into someone else's post... sorry...

But I was dragged in by the quatro KT vs.LS comments and rider weight... I'm 72/73kg and have a 84 tempo as my "light wind" board, which I find spot on for me & my local spots... but I am looking for a new partner to it... going on the last few comments would point me toward a KT.

My first dithering hesitation is I predominantly sail in the SE and I'd not tag myself less hardcore/advanced more like every other bugger wanna/am progress/ing that way (aspirationally speaking). At the moment I have a 76 tempo as the "partner", but whilst its a top board, I find it gets too "lively" for my liking/weight at 4.2-ish weather and also is far too close to the 84 in size (too much overlap) hence the desired change.

My second dithering hesitation is size... 75, or 69? I'm happy with the tempo and a 5.3/marginal 5.3, no worries...

Answers on a postcard please... 75LS, 76KT, 69KT...?
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
7 June '11 | 3:39pm
If the board is for the smaller end of the sail size spectrum I'd go for the 69 KT. From what I have heard and read the KT is not a difficult board to sail so don't be put off by the 'hardcore' tag. I used to own a rrd hcw xxs which was 69 litres (I'm 83kg). Not hard to sail and v.controllable on a 4.2 down to a 3.

Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
7 June '11 | 6:51pm
think it depends where you sail

often s coast waves best with strong winds and KT69 might be best

however if you head down to gwithian bit of extra volume is a winner when trying to get out with gusty x off winds and proper waves and KT76 or Goya 78 might be best bet
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
8 June '11 | 9:04am
Remember that the quad concept alows You to chose board that is bigger on volume comparing to single fin. For example 85 quad LS has similar bottom surface and dimensions (around 230x57) as an 80 litre single fin.

Hope it helps.
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
8 June '11 | 9:22am
Thanks Jon/Steve, appreciate your thoughts...

As you suggest, whilst a 69 it fits the wind range for the 2 board quiver it doesn't necessarily fit the wave sailing range perfectly.
I travel a bit, but most of my sailing is in the SE...

I've think its a (well mulled over) flip a coin decision probably and like you say pretty dependant on sailing/location/personality etc.

Cheers, Rob.
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
8 June '11 | 9:48am
Sorry Jan, posting at the same time, just seen your reply.

Yes - true.

The tempos are just FSW boards with 2 fins in my eyes (I had quatro FSW previously, stunning board), the 84 works well as my biggest, it 58.5cm by comparison to the LS.

What as its partner? I've got a 76 tempo, largely because the quads weren't out and sailing in the SE I didn't think it right to go down the route of a rhythm, anyway - I find the 76 tempo pretty floaty and sail it 5.3m down which is making the 84 a bit redundant, but also means when it gets to 4.2 weather, for my weight the 76 is too lively.

I was interested in the lightweight = kt comment, and the kt 'not as hardcore' comment.

I had a quick shot on a 75LS and found it quick to plane and fast (more than I thought it might be)... it sounds like the kt is of similar ilk.. which is what I was interested in re:

Go for a 75LS/76KT...
Or a 69KT?
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
22 July '11 | 3:57pm
I've had the Goya 84 quad now since June. Beautiful board! Compared to my custom 85L twin, it planes much earlier, rips upwind, sets a rail better on a choppy face, jumps higher, and keeps my 90 kgs moving around instead of slogging. It does feel like it has a top speed, but it can't be called slow. It is not nearly as loose as my twin, but it will turn with scalpel like precision as hard as you like. Powered top turns do require a fair bit of effort to turn sharply compared to my twin that pivots on the spot, but it seems like that's just more of a quad trait. Perhaps it could use a little more tail rocker, but that's a small quibble.

The things I give up on the twin (radical looseness, instant feedback, slashiness) are replaced with great drive, security, upwind speed and totally different sensations when it comes to turning with full effort. From a jumping perspective, I landed few backloops on my twin. I can't figure out why. The Goya, on the otherhand had me landing literally the first one I tried and many more. My backloop success has increased substantially on the Goya. I found my old Evos similar in this respect.

The Quatro LS would have been been an equally good choice for me I'm sure. Someone in another thread mentioned that it was an old shape and couldn,t stack up against the Goya or KT quad. Well, a great shape is still a great shape 2 or 3 seasons later.

i've kept the twin alongside the quad for a different riding sensation, but the Goya is allowing me to do new things on a wave and is giving me new sensations in turning that feel pretty sweet!
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
23 July '11 | 5:36pm
To the guy who hijacked the thread... At 72 kgs it looks like you need a ~ 70l wave board for your second board. I know quatro is the cool shop at the moment but why shoe horn yourself into quatro's lineup if another company makes a better 70l for you?
Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
24 July '11 | 9:57am
I'm now looking for a 80ish litre quad and would like to know the strength/weaknesses of the Quatro KT 85 V Goya 84 for mainly UK conditions (mainly down the line).



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Re: Goya Quad Pro 84 VS Quatro LS 85
12 August '11 | 4:08am
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