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Goya Quad Pro 78 vs. Quatro KT 76

Posted by Gum 
Goya Quad Pro 78 vs. Quatro KT 76
21 June '11 | 9:59pm
Hi, last autumn I bought the Goya quad 78l (I weigh 84kg) as my down the line board for sails from 4,7 and down. I find the board a bit loose in the top-turn unless I turn in the vertical part of the wave. At full speed on a less steep wave the board easily slides or loose the grip. Question: Is the Quatro KT 76 less slashier than the Goya? Or is it just a matter of digging down the rails?


Re: Goya Quad Pro 78 vs. Quatro KT 76
2 July '11 | 12:50pm
Re: Goya Quad Pro 78 vs. Quatro KT 76
5 July '11 | 6:42pm
Bit lonely out there eh?, ive had the goya and the ls, not the kt, (iam a big dude), yeah its, as you said more of a rail thing, iam guessing that in the steeper sections your probabley, (even subcons), digging in the rail as it get a bit tight on room anyway in there.
And iam a bit lost on the slashy, loose descriptions, the quads are, as i see em loose, (turn on a dime) and have (drive, like a single fin).
A twin is loose an skatey, (less drive).
Single fins have heaps of drive but not that loose, All above are super gen sweeeping statements but you get the dift.
Tri fins just suck!., and are best for propping the shed door open!.
the quads i found are a little more direct to sail, if you turn with the board flat the tail spins out, all great for pimping up a bit of on shore crap, or for finishing of your "gouging, quad only can do", run of 4 or 5 blinding turns.
But if you hit the rail, the speed and turning radius, is at first (very suprising), Double joy! bring on the sections!.
Hope that helps, i found the goya a bit pedestrian, compared to the quatro, still good, but the quatro have a "nasty!" side, but all the better for it!
Re: Goya Quad Pro 78 vs. Quatro KT 76
9 July '11 | 8:33pm
Thanks for your reply! Yes, felt a bit alone for a while but I think your comment at the end that Goya is a hint more pedestrian nailed it nicely.

Flip and Flop
Re: Goya Quad Pro 78 vs. Quatro KT 76
22 August '11 | 7:35am
Varky above thanks for your great contribution to this thread I and all the other genuine users of this forum will be happy to forever obstain from visiting that link or buying the said sandals so maybe you should review your strategy or at least throw in a comment about the Goya's rail out line before pimping your jesus creepers!

Getting back on subject a quick and cheap solution to reduce the slide in any muti fin board, well cheap compared with changing / upgrading board at least, is to get a set of K4 fins for those classic down the line days. The K4 fins have a more trad out line and have way more flex in the tip of the fin which helps the board grip and hold in a turn even on a flatter section as described.

Changing fins is the best way to ensure a board performs well in different conditions but the price of most multi fin set ups now has prevented many from doing what they would have naturally done with single fins. Thankfully K4 have come along and offered quality fins at an affordable price.

Hope that helps

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