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2011 Rocket 125 or 2011 Carve 131 Wood

Posted by reddeer 
2011 Rocket 125 or 2011 Carve 131 Wood
13 February '12 | 1:00am
Hi team,
Looking to move down from a 150 vol 75 cm board to either of the above. Am planing ,in the straps and harness and
gybing in light winds. Both boards seem to get good reviews. At 82 kgs should I go even smaller, only drawback being I
have not quite nailed deep water starts yet.
The question is; personal preference or does one board offer advantages over the other for progressing.
Quiver includes, 5.8 ; 6.4 ; 7.5. Will still keep current board.

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Re: 2011 Rocket 125 or 2011 Carve 131 Wood
13 February '12 | 2:40pm
I have the Rocket 125 ltd 2008. I'm 82 kg and I plan with 13 knots with 7,5 and havin' a lot of fun with that board.
I love it, fast and supereasy.
Re: 2011 Rocket 125 or 2011 Carve 131 Wood
28 April '12 | 7:29am
Both boards are freeriding boards but with quite different caracteristics. The Tabou is a real planing machine and very easy to gybe, the rocket leaning more to freerace, like the Starboard Futura. The Carve is more a pure freerider and will out perform the Tabou and the Futura when it comes to gybing. The Carve is a really fast board but If you into blasting I would go for the Rocket or the Futura, are you into free(fun)riding and Carving I would go for the Carve.

Tabou Rocket: [boardtests.com]
Starboard Carve: [boardtests.com]
Starboard Futura: [boardtests.com]

Im not a Clone, but I saw that you only got spam answers so far so I hope its okay. Kind regards C
Re: 2011 Rocket 125 or 2011 Carve 131 Wood
31 May '12 | 4:01am
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