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Wave board litres

Posted by Toby Munson 
Toby Munson
Wave board litres
13 February '12 | 5:41pm
Im looking at getting a new board and I'm keen to venture into the world of wave sailing. I'm about 85-90kg

At the moment i used a 97L 2009 skate. Which satisfies my need for freestyle.

having come up north for uni my local spots are all waves, this means my skate isn't the best.

I've found a couple of really nice wave boards, great condition and around my price range. However, I'm not sure whether i would be able to sail them.

I'm an ok sailor just advancing through the beginnings of freestyle moves and a couple of loops. but would an 85L wave board be too small for me or is this ok?

thoughts, advise and opinions would be awesome

Re: Wave board litres
27 February '12 | 1:34pm
85 ltrs would be fine as a high wind wave board especialy if its a single fin. Quads etc - you would be better with a 90 ltr but if buying second hand etc you might not have the choice.

When you say waves up noth where do you mean?

Re: Wave board litres
28 March '12 | 8:09am
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